Unexpected Visit


2. food

" We are back"(haley)

"yes now have you heard of the band 1D"(Large man)

"YES" Calli and I say Excitedly

"In a few nights we get to see them in consert"(Calli)

"Ok then i think you will enjoy this""Boys come out here please"(large man)

All of a sudden 5 gus jump out of the bus


"One Direction"(Louis0

"No need to fangirl"(liam)

"we are just your normal everyday lads" (niall)

"we know who you are ....... who doesnt.....We accually are going to your concert in a few days"(calli)

"cool but there will be no concert if we cant get parts"

"Hey i can Call my dad he lives like 20mins away"(haley)

"Thanks that would be lovely"(harry)

*Haleys Call with her dad*

  "Hey Dad'

" hey "

"heycanyou come here i need ya to check something out "

"ok be there in an hour"

"thnxs bye luv ya"

"luv ya too"

*call end*

"hey he will be here in an hour what would you like to do till then?"

"got any food"(niall)


"niall you cant just ask someone if they have any food"(liam)


" oh its fine come in"

'' what would you like"


"a kind of food..."


"deep fried or or in the oven o grill"

"deep fried''

as i grab the deep fryer i turn to see calli and niall starting up a convo on the couch smile knowing niall is callis fave member

"need any Help?'' (harry)

"uh sur could you go to the freezer and grab the chicken middle shelf"i say pionting to thefreezer


*ten mins later *

"Foods done"i call from the kitchen

niall darts full speed to the counter while everybody else walks to the counter

"Niall there is like no food for anybody else"(the boys say)

"oh its fine i can make more Harry would you mind getting the rest out and please grab the fries too"

"uhh theres fries"niall says while putting on a sad face

"oh you can have fries'' i say laughing


*30 mins later now every one is playing monopoly*

"Liam you cheeter"louis whines

"i did not cheeti am just the best at this"liam says back

"well dad will be here any mini"

i was cut off when there was a knock at the door

" hey hun.. arnt those the guy that were on your wal.."

"shut it dad and yeah come on"






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