Unexpected Visit


3. arrangements

" uhh you need ____ -____ _____(part names)

"ok can you call the part guy and tell him"\



*after 15 min call*

They cant get them in untill 4 in the afternoon tomorow"

"is that allright guys"calli asks


"well i gtg "

"bye dad"


"umm so what would you like to do till them"(haley)

"uhh we kinda need a palce to stay"zayn says

'you can stay here ' calli pipes in

'is that ok'


"great thank you'

Your very welcome"

"where shall we be sleeping ?

''up stairs we have 1 spare room with queen sided beds and a queen sized bed in my room and a queen sized bed in callis room" " and in both of our rooms are  pull out couches that turn to beds"

so 3 in one room , 2 in another , and 2 in the last

what about you gaurds?"

'they want tostay in the bus"

" ok me and calli will tke the spare, 3 will take my room and 2 will take callis?

"we dont want to rid you from your beds(Harry)

"oh its fine "

"ok if you are sure(all)


"so that leaves one of you 


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