Unexpected Visit


9. 1st'Fight'

Harry POV

I wake up to see Haley is not up yet. She is so cute while she sleeps.I decide i should make her breakfast.Before i make break fast i check to see whos awake i check all the rooms only niall calli and haley are still in bed i assume the boys left haveing the down satairs is quiet.when i get down stairs I grab the ingrediants for pancakes from her cuboards.I start whipping up the ingrediant when i hear footsteps up stairs. I get a few pancakes done before the person upstairs comes down.I keep hopeing its Haley.I put whip cream and strawberrys on the pancakes and start to make more.I am startled when i hear something behind me  i turn around i hope to see Haley eating the pancakes but instead Niall already dug in to them.

"Niall!'' i yell

"what' he says with a mouthful of pancakes

"those WERE Haleys"

"she would have liked them they are good''

''that was the point''

i hear the girls coming down stairs yelling 'why cant you two be quiet '

I wisper to niall'' grab the other can of whip cream we will give them something to yell about''

Deal he says back

we stand on both sides of the doors we count to 3


''what are you counting for''(Haley)

"3!' we yell as the come in spraying range and the become full of whip cream

' we will get you ' they yell running for the flower

niall and i turn around to see a giant cloud of flour as soon as the cloud clears we are sprayed by sing water causing the flour to form clumps

"WHAT HAPPENED HERE''we hear liam yell as he walks in the door

"uhh we dont know how this happened'' we all said

''clean it up''louis says

''just one sec'' i say giving the girls and niall the 'follow my lead look

they knew what was next we all ran for the flower and attacted them by throughing  flower at them they screamed laughed and joind the fight Liam grabbed the pancake batter Louis grabbed the syrup, and Zayn some flour.

after ten minutes of ''fighting'' we stopped realizing none of us were reconizable from all the stuff being thrown around and there was like an inch of flour on the flour it seemed i said we can each take turns showering while the rest cleans up and that i would go first before i left the kichen i pulled Haley over to the stairs and said with a cheeky grin''wanna save water''

she starts to grin then says'what do tou mean by that'

i pull her real close and say 'wanna shower together'

she laughs

i look at her confused

'go take a shower'

'uhh fine' i sigh

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