New Love

Haley and Shy (shyanna) are just ur normal twin sisters untill they meet one direction at Nandos.. Will they fall in love?.. with who? will this be trouble for haley? how will the boys handle this?? and also i would like to thank my new Co-Author ZaynMalik1121!!!!


5. who shall we choose?

*2 days later* *sorry my bff shy wont be on for a while so it will be my POV for a while!*                                         Haley's POV:       It's my turn with boo-bear(louis). I started to pop the popcorn, when i heard a knock at the door. It was louis. He looked so cute in his Coca-Cola pajama's. *sorry if i have spelling mistakes!* I told him to come in, he nodded and walked in. The first movie we watched was 'Inscidious'. We started the movie so i got the popcorn. I was holding the bowl when, a scary part came on and i screamed and dropped the popcorn bowl. >.< Then louis laughed "its ok its just a movie." I said " well sorry it scared me:(" He said it was ok and then he kissed me on the cheak. (*sorry if i didnt spell it right!*) i blushed and he leaned in to kiss me. Our faces were centeimeters apart when, the door flew open. I couldn't believe who it was....                   *will update later today or tomorrow! Kik me and give me ideas! my Kik is xxhaleyroseexx     please give me ideas!!!




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