New Love

Haley and Shy (shyanna) are just ur normal twin sisters untill they meet one direction at Nandos.. Will they fall in love?.. with who? will this be trouble for haley? how will the boys handle this?? and also i would like to thank my new Co-Author ZaynMalik1121!!!!



Louis' POV:

            Our faces were just centimeters apart when, the door flew open. I looked over at her and she was scared and started crying! I asked/wispered to her "Who's that?" She didnt answer me. I got worried.

Haley's POV: 


The door flew open and saw who it was. It was my physco ex! He abused me a lot.Then my thoughts were stopped when Louis asked/whispered who it was. I didnt answer him because i couldnt stop crying. He had a worried look in his eyes. Then, my ex (Jason) said/sreamed " I've found you!! I never thought I would but apparently I did!" Louis screamed "WHO ARE YOU?!" Logan said "HER BOYFRIEND.WHO ARE YOU?!" Louis looked at me sad. Then said to me "I thought you didnt have one" So I said "Lou, He isnt my bf hes my ex. He abused me so i left him.. But he told me if i left him he would kill me" Logan said " Well I came to tell you, that im taking you with me and your never coming coming back!" Then he pulled out a knife and started to me but then Lou got in the way! i couldnt believe what happened next!

A/N: hey shy still isnt back! please KIK me for ideas!!!! Should i continue or end it?

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