New Love

Haley and Shy (shyanna) are just ur normal twin sisters untill they meet one direction at Nandos.. Will they fall in love?.. with who? will this be trouble for haley? how will the boys handle this?? and also i would like to thank my new Co-Author ZaynMalik1121!!!!


4. Date #2

Shy's POV:                       

                     So i cant wait for my date with Zayn tonight. We are going to the Hudson Valley Buffet.I am wearing my favorite blue skinny jeans and my yellow crop top. For shoes i am wearing my bright yellow vans. I decided to wear my hoop earings and my dimond nose ring.

Haley's POV:                                    

                     Today im going on a date with Louis. We decided to have a lazy day. I put on my yellow tang-top and Family Guy pj's. We are going to watch a scary movie marothon at his house. i cant wait!!!

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