New Love

Haley and Shy (shyanna) are just ur normal twin sisters untill they meet one direction at Nandos.. Will they fall in love?.. with who? will this be trouble for haley? how will the boys handle this?? and also i would like to thank my new Co-Author ZaynMalik1121!!!!


7. 2 A/N & Lou please stay with me!!

A/N: Sorry i haven't been on lately! i had school and my parents didn't let me on the laptop!!! But I'm back!and sadly shy isn't! so it will still be just me!

                  Haley's POV: 

                                           I couldn't believe what i saw....  Louis jumped in front of the knife!! Next thing i know i got stabbed too but i was still awake.. Then all i can remember is saying to Lou "Please stay with me!!"

        Louis' POV:

                                              All I could remember was me jumping in front of the knife... After that everything went black..But I can hear everything that was going on. I remember Haley telling me to stay with her.. I thought this was the end.. 

      Haley's POV:       I remember waking up in a white room with Louis.. All the boys were around us crying.. I asked what was was wrong but none of them answered me. I asked Lou what was going on but he said he didnt know. I decided to give Liam a hug because he was the one who seemed to be crying the most. When i did my arms went right through him! So Lou tried it too but he went through him too! thats when we both started freaking out.. I told Louis that we must be in a coma and we are the only ones that can see and hear us.. he nodded and said "If we ever wake up i found a great place where we can have a carrot kingdom and you can be my queen.. I love you Haley please be my carrot queen." "Of course i will, my carrot king<3" i said to him with a smile.. we were a bout to kiss when he started fading i told him he was and then said i was too. then i said "we must be waking up!" "Well then we can got to the Carrot Kingdom.. We must keep the place a secret, so it could only be ours<3" i nodded then we saw a bright light and.... 


       A/N: CLIFFHANGER! anyways who want to be Liam's girlfriend in this?? and BTW all the boys are single!! except Lou now! and i need a co-author soo comment and tell me about yourself! like not everything! i mean your hair color ur eye color and ur name!!!

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