Ten Seconds to Fall

Lucy doesn't know what to do with herself after graduation. That is, until she stumbles upon The 10 Second Fiesta.


13. one perfect day and one perfect night

We opened the shop for anyone to celebrate with us. Drip coffee and cake was free, everything else cost money. Jasey ran the bar with Kali's help.

We danced and partied until late in the evening. My dad came by to kiss my cheek and wish us well on his way home from work. I was seeing and hearing from him less and less, and I was trying not to worry too much about it.

At around eight pm, we called it a night and shut down the cafe. We helped Jasey clean up. She left and Lew went to stay the night at Kali's.

I started to sweep the floor behind the register when Jude grabbed the handle and said, "Wife."


He smiled, "Stop cleaning for the night. It can wait until morning."

"With that mentality, I can't believe we're still in business," I joked.

"I'm serious, put the broom away," he said in a low voice.

I leaned the broom against the wall and looked up at him. He wrapped his long arms around my waist. I felt suddenly embarrassed, so I pressed my face into his chest.

"Hey, what's the matter?"

I felt him press a kiss on the top of my head.

"I'm really happy, but really nervous," I said and dared to look up at his face.

His eyes were warm, his curly hair as messy as ever, and he had a heavy shadow of stubble on his jaw, which was still a little bruised.

"You're going to have a bruised face and I'll have pink hair in our wedding photos," I observed randomly.

"We can always photoshop that," he said. "Maybe trim down my waist a little bit, too."

I chuckled, "No, I think it's perfect. What could possibly be a better representation of the two of us?"

He nodded his head and bent his head down to kiss my eyebrow.

I brought my arms up around his neck and stood on my toes to kiss his lips.

"I'm happy you stumbled into my cafe that day," he said quietly. "Sometimes I wonder what other circumstances could have ever brought such an incredible woman into my life."

"I would have found you eventually," I said.

He nodded again and kissed me.

We didn't talk anymore. We both fell clumsily into a long kiss. I think he got tired of bending over so much to kiss me, picking me up and sitting me on the counter. I undid his tie as he placed kisses along my neck and collarbone.

"This is a health code violation," I said, my voice thick.

My eye caught a passerby on the sidewalk, not seeing us, but my heart leapt up my throat nonetheless and I pushed Jude away.

He looked confused.

"The windows," I breathed.

He looked around and the realization dawned on him.

"Don't move," he said and kissed my cheek, then quickly ran around the perimeter of the cafe closing all of the blinds.

He came back to me, big smile on his face, and placed his hands on the bar at either side of me. His eyes were bright and so happy.

I couldn't resist him any longer.

I grabbed him by the collar and pulled him to me, capturing his mouth with mine and fumbling with the buttons of his shirt.

His hands moved from the bar to my waist.

His lips parted from mine and moved down to my neck. My legs wrapped themselves around his hips. We pressed impossibly close to each other, but we couldn't get close enough.

It was frustrating. The circulation on my legs was cutting off. I didn't want to be on this bar any longer.

I slid down off of the bar, interrupting him but slipping against him as well, and took his hand to pull him to the stairwell. I led him upstairs and opened the door to our apartment, then pulled him into the bedroom without bothering to close any of the doors behind us.

"Can you undo the zipper on my dress?" I asked.

He silently came behind me and let his fingers trail down my back as he pulled the zipper down.

I turned around to face him and let the dress drop, revealing the lingerie that Kali had helped me pick out. Just a simple white lace bra and matching white panties. She said that boys didn't really care about the complicated sets you see in movies, they just want something that looks pretty on you. And what's prettier than when you feel comfortable, pretty, and confident?

I just felt exposed. And he was looking me up and down.

"Wow," he finally said after what felt like an eternity of silence.

He met me in the middle of the room and kissed me again, softly and slowly. Less forceful and desperate than our kisses downstairs, but no less passionate.

I pushed his shirt off of his shoulders and we both kicked off our shoes. We kept kissing as we moved to the bed.

I laid down on my back and he crawled to kneel over me, his weight on his right elbow. He let his left hand trail from my shoulder down to my waist. His mouth found mine again and I pulled him closer.

The rest of our clothes found their way to the floor as we found a way to press closer and closer together. Found more ways to touch, to kiss, to love.

And at the end, I curled my body into his warm embrace and we slept more peacefully than I had in months.

Finally, something was completely right and completely whole.

One perfect day and one perfect night.

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