Living In The Lights

Jazzie- a big pop star- has to choose between the British flirt, Harry Styles-known for being a player; and the Irish and adorable, Niall Horan- known for having quite the potty mouth. And maybe another member of the band that's crushing on her. She contemplates choosing neither of them, but once her double-crush is out in the open, she has no choice, but to choose.


13. What?

Jazzie's POV.
"I really want to go home now, Niall." I just puked after seeing Harry and that girl practically doing it in the kitchen; of course I want to go home. "Ok, I'll drive you." I hugged all of the boys- even Harry- but when I hugged Harry, he looked ashamed. Good, he should be ashamed. No, he shouldn't. We weren't together, he can do whatever he wants to do. When we got into the hall, I busted out crying. I had absolutely no idea why! Maybe I was starting my period soon, or something. Niall hugged me, I just cried into his chest. I really thought I was okay; apparently I wasn't. I did like Harry, but I definitely don't anymore. I am 100% sure that I like Niall. I don't understand what I'm doing right now. I think, just like with the puking, I just needed to get it out. And I was. I was getting it all out.
Niall's POV.
I hated seeing Jazzie cry. She was my princess, and I don't like seeing my princess cry. I comforted her as much as I could. I just didn't know what to do to make her feel better. I can't f**king believe Harry did this to her.
Harry's POV.
I can't believe I was so stupid. Whenever I get drunk, someone always gets hurt. I feel so bad right now; I made her bloody throw up, for goodness sake! Even though she chose Niall over me, doesn't mean I can't be her friend. But I may have ruined that.
Liam's POV.
I can't believe what just happened. Jazzie just threw up, and now she's gone. I love her- I mean, like a best friend. That feeling I felt on the day we met, will never go away, but she's my friend- and that's all.
Louis' POV.
What the he** did Harry do?! Any chance he had with Jazzie is gone. But good for Niall, he went for it and he finally got his princess. Let's hope Jazzie isn't scarred for life.
Zayn's POV.
This situation is messed up. I have no idea what went on. I just woke up, but everyone is talking about how Jazzie puked because Harry had that girl over. I don't know.
Jazzie's POV.
After my stupid crying fit, Niall drove me back to my hotel. "Do you want me to stay with you?" I really did want him to stay with me; but I didn't want him to see me cry- I hate people seeing me cry. I feel weak. I feel helpless. "Um, I don't know. Yeah, okay." I let him stay. I didn't want to be alone right now. I wanted to be with Niall. We ordered room service since neither of us had eaten yet. While Niall was figuring out what he wanted, I went on twitter. The pictures of Harry and I were still circulating, but there were pictures of Niall and I, too. They showed us walking into the hotel last night; and then us coming out this morning. So, they know that I spent the night there. And, of course, these crazy people filled in the blanks with ridiculous assumptions, because they think they know everything. News flash: they don't. Now, everyone thinks I'm doing Niall AND Harry. They're sending me death threats, and telling me to stay away from them 'or else'. Their fans are being ridiculous! I've done nothing wrong, but they want to make something out of nothing, so... I usually don't care what people think of me, but, I can't just ignore this. It's getting out of control. There was a knocking at the door, but before I could get up to answer, Niall bolted up and opened it. In rolled a cart with various foods. There was a lot of food; but, I've heard that Niall can eat. I mean, I can eat too, so I guess, it's enough for both of us. Everything looked so good, I didn't know where to start. I decided to start with a salad, "Hey, Niall, can you pass the dressing, please?" He passed it to me, "thanks." I said taking it from his hand. "You're welcome" he said with an abnormally large smile. "What?" I asked him. He was still smiling like a little boy. "Nothing, I'm just happy." Awe, he's so cute. "Okay..." I was smiling like a child, now. "Jazzie?" I looked up at him, "Yes, Niall?" he looked down, and then back up at me. "I love you." What?
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