Living In The Lights

Jazzie- a big pop star- has to choose between the British flirt, Harry Styles-known for being a player; and the Irish and adorable, Niall Horan- known for having quite the potty mouth. And maybe another member of the band that's crushing on her. She contemplates choosing neither of them, but once her double-crush is out in the open, she has no choice, but to choose.


15. Tour?

Jazzie's POV.
I got a call from CeCe a few minutes after Niall left. She told me that my movie was going to premiere in a couple weeks- July 15th- to be exact. I can't wait for Niall to see it. We also need to get going on recording our album. We're pretty behind in that department.
Niall's POV.
We've been rehearsing for a while. I'm getting worried about Jazzie because I haven't told her about the tour yet. We were leaving on July 15th. Only a couple of weeks to prepare. I know I have to do something special before I leave.
Liam's POV.
"You're insecure. Don't know what for. You're turning heads when you walk through the door-or-or. Don't need makeup, to cover up. Being the way that you are is en-" I couldn't sing anymore. I was really broken; I talked to Danielle the other day- I really miss her. "Are you okay, mate?" Harry asked me. I don't know if I was okay. I really wanted Dani back- she was my everything. "Yeah, I'm fine. Uh, just give me a second." I jogged off stage real quick, before I burst into tears.
Harry's POV.
I noticed Liam seemed a bit down since yesterday. Well, he did say he talked to Danielle... He really does miss her. I wish I could do something to help him out.
Louis' POV.
I wonder what's up with Liam? Well, I'm just thinking about Jazzie- what will she say when Niall tells her about the tour? I know she will understand, because she's a celebrity herself. She should know how this works. But I know it'll be hard for them to be apart; especially because they just started- whatever they're doing right now. I'm not sure if you can call it dating... Well, whatever is going on between them; hopefully it'll last.
Zayn's POV.
I followed Liam off of the stage. I couldn't see him, but I heard sobbing. I turned the corner, and there was poor Liam, in a little ball on the floor. I went over to him and he looked up to me with his tear stained eyes. I didn't even know what to say to him. I just hugged him as tight as I could, to show him that I was always there for him. I hated when any of the boys were upset. It made me cry when they cried. So, naturally, I started crying. "Why are you crying, Zayn?" Liam asked me in between sobs. "You're making me cry, mate. Stop it." We both chuckled when I said this. "Sorry.." He started, "I-I just... Really miss her. She was everything to me. And even though we're friends, I can't seem to let her go. I know it's best for both of us to not date, but I guess, I'm sort of in denial about that." I felt so bad for him. He lost the love of his life, and there was no getting her back. "It's okay, man. I mean, you got me, right? Haha, and you've got the rest of the boys too. We're all here for you." He smiled at me, and hugged me again. Many would call this a Ziam moment- I think..?
Jazzie's POV.
I was on my computer and saw a lot about a One Direction tour. How come I haven't heard anything about a tour? I clicked on a link that talked about it, and guess what I saw? 'One Direction tours in the U.S. starting July 15th 2012, and ending-' I didn't even want to finish reading. Niall didn't tell me about a tour. I understand the touring part completely, but why wasn't I told about this? I mean, let's look at the positives: he could have just been waiting for the right moment- that's a good one. He could have not known about it yet- unlikely. Actually, that's probably why he had to leave the hotel earlier, for rehearsal or something. I guess Harry didn't want to reveal anything either- that's why he chose his words carefully on the phone. Well, was I going to find out about this as the boys were driving to the airport?! I thought I was their friend... Whatever. It doesn't matter. I don't need them around to complete my life. I am my own person. But I still love Niall.
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