Living In The Lights

Jazzie- a big pop star- has to choose between the British flirt, Harry Styles-known for being a player; and the Irish and adorable, Niall Horan- known for having quite the potty mouth. And maybe another member of the band that's crushing on her. She contemplates choosing neither of them, but once her double-crush is out in the open, she has no choice, but to choose.


7. Just Another Day

Jazzie's POV.
I left my hotel room at about 9:15. I met Dave outside again, and he drove me to the studio. I was there a few minutes early, so I started thinking about the song while I had peace and quiet. My fingers grazed the keys of the piano and I played around with different tunes. I really wanted the song to be a different kind of love song, not a stupid, boring, predictable one. I started humming to the tune I was playing, and then put a few words in. I heard clapping behind me, so I turned around. My face went red- I had absolutely no idea why, but it did. Louis, Zayn, Liam, Niall, and Harry stood before me; either smiling like an idiot, or clapping like an idiot. "Uh, hey, guys. I didn't hear you come in" wow, that was stupid. "Yeah, you were too busy writing that amazing song" Zayn said. "Oh, no, I was just messing around" I grabbed the paper I was writing the music on, and put it in my binder. "If that was messing around, I think we should mess around together." After Harry said that, I could tell that's not what it sounded like.
Harry's POV.
"If that was messing around, then I think we should mess around together." Wow, did I just say that? That sounded so wrong, and at this point, all eyes were on me, except Jazzie's. she looked kinda embarrassed. Louis and the other boys were laughing at me. "I didn't mean it like that!" I said, hoping everyone believed me. "It's okay, Harry. I know" Jazzie told me. Okay, that's good.
Louis' POV.
Harry was acting like an idiot. I couldn't help but laugh after he said that. Poor Jazzie, she was the focus here. Half of the band already fancied her. I decided we worked enough today, so now, we should have fun. "Okay, guys, I say we go to the beach!" I was hoping they would agree. "We haven't even written anything, Louis." Silly Niall. "Did you not hear Jazzie's amazing song?" Uh, duh, obviously, she had started the song for us. "Yeah, but we're gonna have to contribute to it as well." Ah, Harry, you stupid, stupid boy. I'm trying to help you out. Beach, Jazzie, bikini... "We'll go to the beach, and then write the song. We have enough time, you guys. And besides, we might even get some inspiration while we're there." That sounded convincing. I gave Harry a 'say yes!' look. "Okay, I'm in" yes! There you go, Harry. "Me too" yay, Niall. "Alright, me too" and Liam. "Okay, sure" go Zayn! We all looked at Jazzie. "Alright, alright. Let's go to the beach!" YAY! Beach time...
Jazzie's POV.
The boys went to get their beach stuff, and so did I. I put on my neon pink bikini and put my shorts back on, and a white crop-top with 'Love' written on it. I was pretty excited to go to the beach. I haven't gone in a while, and I could get to know the boys better.

~~At the beach~~
Niall's POV.
I couldn't wait to spend the day with Jazzie at the beach. I'll get to show her my rock-hard abs. Yeah, that's right, I've been working out!
Harry's POV.
I could just imagine Jazzie in her bikini. No, that's not doing her justice; I'll have to wait and see later.
Liam's POV.
Yay! I may finally get my chance! If my charm won't pull Jazzie in, I could definitely win her over with my six-pack. Yes, that's how it will work.
Zayn's POV.
They better not make me go in the water.
Louis' POV.
The boys better thank me later for suggesting going to the beach. You're welcome.
Jazzie's POV.
We all walked on the beach and the sand felt amazing. We set up our stuff a few feet away from the water and I saw Harry take off his shirt- woah- I didn't think he could get any better looking, but I was 100% wrong. He caught me staring, and I looked away quickly.
Harry's POV.
I took of my shirt and saw Jazzie staring at me. She looked away as quickly as she could. She's so cute.
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