Living In The Lights

Jazzie- a big pop star- has to choose between the British flirt, Harry Styles-known for being a player; and the Irish and adorable, Niall Horan- known for having quite the potty mouth. And maybe another member of the band that's crushing on her. She contemplates choosing neither of them, but once her double-crush is out in the open, she has no choice, but to choose.


2. Interviews Galore

Jazzie's POV.
My stupid alarm goes off at 7:30am. I hate getting up early, that's the worst part of my job. My manager walks in a few minutes later and her annoying voice fills the room.
"Jazzie, you need to get up, you have an interview at 9. You need to be there by 8. Get up! Up!" Nag, nag, nag... Ugh, sometimes CeCe can be so annoying, and by sometimes, I mean every single day! "Yes ma'am." I mumbled. She hated it when I mumbled. "Excuse me?" She asked, clearly not approving of my tone. "Yes ma'am." I said as I got out of bed. The hotel bed was so comfortable! I didn't bother putting any makeup or doing my hair after my shower because they would have totally remade my look anyways. That's another thing I didn't like- being sculpted to how they want me to look. As I was getting my makeup done, I was watching E! News on the TV that was in front of me. Just the usual, celeb breakups, blah, blah, blah. Then One Direction came up; okay, I'm not gonna lie, they were pretty attractive. No, they were straight up sexy. I mean, I listened to a few of their songs here-and-there, but I wasn't obsessed with them. That'd be kinda weird. I've never actually met them in person, so I can't judge them, or anything. All I could go by is their appearance- and as far as I'm concerned; they've got an A+ in that department. I tried to think of the cutest ones; they were all cute in their own way. Although, I was stuck on Harry; his curls were to-die-for. I also thought Niall was incredibly hot, even with braces, it made him seem more like a normal guy- I liked it. I was so involved in my own thoughts, I didn't hear the producer trying to get my attention. "They're ready for you, Miss Martinez" He said, just a bit annoyed, as if he's been trying to get my attention for a while. Oops.
So, interview, interview.... Blah, blah. The usual questions were asked; like how's my new album going- amazing, by the way, and how my new movie was going. Oh, yea, I'm starring in a new movie, also... It's a horror film. Anyway, I liked interviews, but I hate being asked the same questions over and over.
Harry's POV.
It was about 8:45am when I woke up from a horrible sleep. I decided to get up, because there was no chance of falling asleep again. When I went out into the kitchen, I saw a very familiar blonde boy hovering around the fridge. "Hey, mate. Gonna leave any for me?" I asked him. He turned around with chubby cheeks, indicating they were filled with various foods. "Mpphh." He opened a coke and gulped it down trying to swallow the mountain of food he had in his mouth. I ended up just pouring some apple juice and went to sit on the couch. I surfed through the channels, I saw that Jazzie was going to be on Live With Kelly; I immediately clicked on that. "Hey, Haz... Whatcha watching?" Niall asked as he continued to munch on some potato chips. "Oh, just some morning talk show" I said, trying to sound casual, I hope it worked. Just then, Jazzie came out- she looked gorgeous. Her long, wavy brown hair and green eyes glistened as she walked. She had no idea what she was doing to me.
Niall's POV.
Jazzie looked absolutely beautiful walking across the stage. She sat in her seat after saying hi to Kelly. I melted when I heard her voice. Wait, I've never even met her, what the he** am I doing? As she was answering questions, I got lost in her beauty. Maybe I had been drooling, because a few minutes later, Harry nudged me. I really wanted to meet this girl. I had no idea how it would happen, but I had to make this work. I had to meet Jazzie. And I had the perfect plan to make that happen.
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