Living In The Lights

Jazzie- a big pop star- has to choose between the British flirt, Harry Styles-known for being a player; and the Irish and adorable, Niall Horan- known for having quite the potty mouth. And maybe another member of the band that's crushing on her. She contemplates choosing neither of them, but once her double-crush is out in the open, she has no choice, but to choose.


16. Big Mistake

Jazzie's POV.
It was about 5 o'clock, and I was really hungry. I didn't feel like getting up and ordering anything though. Just then, I got a call from Harry. "Hello?" I said. "Hey, Jazzie, I wanted to know if you wanted to get a bite to eat with me?" Uh, oh. Should I? It's not like I can't be his friend, right? We can go out as friends, no big deal. "Um...." I was thinking about it, "uh, ok." I kinda regretted it. "Okay. Great! I'll pick you up in like 10 minutes..?" BLEH. Okay. "Okay, I'll see you then." Ugh, this is going to be awkward.
Harry's POV.
We were done rehearsing, so I had nothing to do. All of the other boys had plans, so I decided to call Jazzie. She said she would go out to dinner with me, but I could hear in her voice that she was hesitant. I really wish we could just forget about that night. I just don't wanna think about it. Jazzie said she forgave me, but I'm not sure that she did.
Jazzie's POV.
I put on a really cute, but casual, flowing white dress- the one that's shorter in the front than the back- and a brown belt around my waist. My hair was natural and my makeup was light. I didn't want to try too hard. I didn't want to try at all- but I don't want to just go in a pair of sweats with my hair in a messy bun. There was a knock at the door and my heart stopped. Oh, no. I really don't wanna do this right now. DANGIT! Okay, I gotta be a big girl, I went over to the door, and opened it. Harry looked me up and down- just like Niall did before. Only he did it, as if he wanted something from me- if you know what I mean.
Harry's POV.
I was really nervous about my date- uh, I mean, just-friends-outing with Jazzie. I was wearing a dark blue blazer with a white t-shirt underneath- my usual style. I knocked on her door and it took her a few seconds to open it- wow- she looked very sexy. I couldn't help but look her up and down. She was stunning. "Are you ready to go?" I asked her; my voice breaking in the middle of the sentence. Wow, I'm weak. "Yeah, just give me a second." She grabbed her purse, and closed the door. We walked into the elevator and it was really awkward. Silence. And not the comfortable silence. Just silence. When we got to the restaurant, Jazzie looked amazed. I rented out the place for the occasion. I hope it didn't seem too over the top.
Jazzie's POV.
I can't believe Harry rented out the restaurant, that's crazy. We're just friends, I don't know what he was hoping to accomplish. Being romantic, or anything, but it's not gonna work. We sat down at the table. I ordered water and a chicken salad. After we were done eating, we went outside- conveniently, there was a very nice, not to mention, empty, beach right next to the place. Yay. We walked on the beach for a couple minutes. "Jazzie?" Harry said turning to me. "Yes, Harry?" I asked him. I don't like where this is going. "Listen, I'm really sorry about the other night. I was stupid and reckless. I really wish I hadn't ruined what we had before it even started.." I didn't know what to say. "Harry, I-" Harry grabbed me and kissed me. He kissed me! I mean, it felt amazing... No! I'm with Niall! I can't be enjoying this. I pulled away from him. He stared down at me with his seductive eyes- I got away from him as soon as I could. "Wait! I'm sorry!" He called out. But I was already running away, and I wasn't turning back. I ran across the street, and I just kept running. I had no idea where I was going. I called Niall. It went to voicemail, "Hey, Niall. When you get this, can you, uh, call me back, please." I didn't want him to think anything was wrong, but I couldn't help but cry. I do that sometimes- obviously- cry for no reason. I kinda had a reason this time. I felt halfway violated and the other half... I don't know. It started raining a few minutes later. Not just raining, pouring. I didn't care. I had no idea where I was or what I was doing. I called Dave and asked him to pick me up. I noticed a street sign, so I used that to tell him where I was. He picked me up a few minutes later, and I got in the car. "Wanna talk about it?" He asked me. Dave was like a dad to me. I really loved him. "No, not really." I told him. I leaned against the window and closed my eyes. Why did I agree to go out with Harry? I thought he wanted to be my friend, I was so stupid. I just want to forget all about him. But I doubt that was going to happen.
Harry's POV.
Wow, why did I kiss her? I finally had her talking to me, and I ruined it with me stupid hormones. They always get the best of me. I drove around the block looking for her, but she was no where in sight. I assumed she called Niall or something to pick her up. It started raining, I really hope she's okay.
Jazzie's POV.
When I got to the hotel room, I ran the water in the tub and stripped off my soaked clothes. When I sunk down into the warm water, it's like I was melting. I tuned the while world out with my depressing love songs playing from my phone. I heard a knock at the door, but I ignored it. I didn't want to think about anything...
Niall's POV.
I just got back from a day with Justin (Bieber), when I checked my phone, I realized I had a message from Jazzie. "Hey, Niall. When you get this, can you, uh, call me back, please." She sounded like she was crying. I was about to call her back, but I noticed something on my computer. I opened it, and saw Jazzie- with Harry. They were kissing. What the he** was this!? It looked like Harry was forcing her to kiss him. What the f**k was wrong with that douchebag?! But she looked like she was kissing him back. I'm really pissed right now. I don't know what to think. I looked at the time stamp on the photo: 6:22. I checked the time that Jazzie called me: 6:25. I can't believe that I missed. I called Jazzie, but she didn't answer.
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