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My story is simple, but dramatic. My name is Lexi. I recently got signed to Big machine records. I had to leave my home in Doncaster to start recording. a year later I go back home and meet up with one of my old friends. Will things be the same? read and find out!


12. Twitah

Lexi's POV:

Harry, Louis, and I were hanging out in Louis and Harry's hotel room. Louis and Harry were chilling on the couch watching soccer. I was laying on Harry's bed going through some tweets I got from fans.

@josiemarie: Lexi your boyfriend is HOT!!!

@CarrieKate: OMG when are you coming to Ireland?


I laughed at some of the tweets. "Hey babe what are you laughing at?" Harry snuck up on me. He laid on the bed next to me and took my phone from me. "Harry! give it back!!!" I tried to get my phone, but Harry just rolled off the bed, landed on his feet, and he walked to the couch. "Look at this Lou!" Harry showed Louis my phone. I then got up and took my phone from Harry.

@alexis_luvs_you: Can't wait to go out with @harrystyles tonight! <3

"Harry we're not going on a date are we?" I asked confused. "Well on twitter we are so I think we should." Harry grinned. I then kissed Harry on the cheak. "Good idea." I smiled at him.

Harry's POV:

Lexi left the room. probably to get ready for our date! "Good way to get a date." Louis complimented me. "Thanks. Hey Lou do you got a special lady?" I asked. "No not really." Louis shrugged and went back to watching the TV. I then turned off the TV. "What does not really me?" I asked. Louis shrugged and turned the TV on. I turned the TV off again. "Who's the lucky lady?" I asked. Louis looked at me. He looked troubled. "You really wanna know?" Louis asked. I nodded my head. "Its..."

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