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My story is simple, but dramatic. My name is Lexi. I recently got signed to Big machine records. I had to leave my home in Doncaster to start recording. a year later I go back home and meet up with one of my old friends. Will things be the same? read and find out!


9. Something is wrong

Lexi's POV:

Louis should be back now. I thought to myself. I then heard a door slam shut in the room next to mine. LOUIS IS BACK!! I ran outside my hotel room to see Louis. Knock Knock. My hand hit the door as I waited for Louis to answer. "Go away." Louis yelled. "Louis please let me in." I begged. "No go away." Louis Yelled. I sat down with my back to his door. "I'm not leaving till you let me in." I answered. Louis didn't reply. The door then opened and my back hit the floor. I looked up at Louis who was frowning. "How's the weather up there?" I giggled. Louis then smiled. "Funny looking definetly!" Louis chuckled as he held his hand out to help me up. "So why you seem upset?" I asked as I followed Louis into his room. "I'm not upset just tired." Louis rolled his eyes. "Okay liar now what's the real reason?" I asked. "I'm not lying." Louis insisted. "Lou I've known you forever! I am not dumb I know when something is wrong." I stated. Louis sat on his bed. "I'm just not sure if I want Harry to come with us I mean this is our time." Louis frowned. "Lou your my best friend. Just cause Harry is coming with us doesn't mean I'm not gonna spend less time with you." I rubbed his back. "Okay. I really do need to hit the hay so shoo!" Louis shooed me away. "Okay nighty night boobear." I waved girly.

Louis' POV:

I watched Lexi leave my room. Thoughts ran through my mind. I don't love her. Yet I love her. I want her to be with Harry, but I don't. I called Harry's sister pretty and good looking. If harry said that about one of my sisters I'd kill him. Harry probably hates me, but he doesn't. I'm leaving tomorrow with Lexi and Harry to the next town. I'm just not ready for Lexi to be in a relationship. I don't love her that way. At least I don't think I do.

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