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My story is simple, but dramatic. My name is Lexi. I recently got signed to Big machine records. I had to leave my home in Doncaster to start recording. a year later I go back home and meet up with one of my old friends. Will things be the same? read and find out!


1. On my way

"Lexi hurry up we are about to leave!" my manager Thomas yelled in my ear. "Give me five minutes!" I yelled back to his face. He then left my room. I got up to get ready. I was on my way to Doncaster. My home. It was for my Dream tour. I couldn't wait to see my old friends and my family. 

I then got dressed into a purple tight flowery top with neon blue skinny jeans. I then put my curly noodley hair into a messy bun. "Lexi we are about to leave!" Thomas yelled. "I AM COMEING!" I yelled back. I ran out of my room and to the bus. I can't wait to be home!

3 hours later.

I looked out the window. Welcome to Doncaster. "We're here! we're here!" I squealed like a little girl. The bus then stopped. "Why'd we stop?" I asked. "Cause we're getting gas. why don't you go with Chris and get some sorta snack." Thomas replied. Chris is my dad. But Thomas calls him Chris instead of 'your dad.' I then hopped outta my seat and ran out. My dad was following quickly. I needed to pee. "OMG your Alexis Reagan!" a girl screamed. She then started charging for me. "Can I have your autograph?" she begged. "sure hon. whats your name?" I asked playing it cool. "Sarah." She replied. Sarah it was nice to meet you follow your dreams and never give up! Love Lexi. I wrote. I then handed sarah the paper. "Thanks! can I have a picture to?" she asked. "Sure!" I replied. She then handed her phone to my dad. He took a picture. "thanks!" Sarah said. "Your welcome!" I replied as she walked off. she kept looking back at me every 10 seconds. 

I then walked into the gas station and I used the bathroom. When I was done as I was opening the door I hit someone. "Oh my word I'm so sorry!!!!!!" I exclaimed. "Its no problem." the person replied rubbing his head. He then stood up and took his hand away from his face. It only took me a minute to realize who he was. "LOUIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I exclaimed hugging him with all my might. "Um how do you know who I a-...wait a second! LEXI!!!!!" Louis then started hugging me back. "I thought I would never see you again!" I exclaimed almost started to cry from happiness! "Same here! I mean you left to record and you always made plans to come back, but we lost contact, and now your here!!!!!!!!" He exclaimed. We then broke the very long hug. 

"Excuse me Lexi." a girl sneaked up behind me. "Yeah?" I asked. "Can I have a picture?" The girl asked. she looked at least 15 so two years younger than me. "sure." I replied. she handed her phone to Louis. We then took the picture and she left. "So how long will you be in doncaster?" Louis asked. "hmmm in about a week, but I will be in england for a couple months! Maybe you can tour with me!" I replied. "I don't know let me ask my mum, but for this whole we have to cram in as much fun things just in case my mum says no." Louis grinned. "Sounds like a plan to me!" 

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