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My story is simple, but dramatic. My name is Lexi. I recently got signed to Big machine records. I had to leave my home in Doncaster to start recording. a year later I go back home and meet up with one of my old friends. Will things be the same? read and find out!


11. Louis' Dream

Louis' Dream:

"Now for another speaker Louis Tomlinson." The pastor said. I walked up on stage. Everyone was wearing black. I stood up next to the casket. On the other side of the casket there was a picture of Lexi. "Lexi was my best friend. I loved her, but I never could tell her. I denied it. I tried to talk myself out of it. and now she is gone. I can never call her mine. Cause she is with my best lad. It's over." I cried as I said those words.

Dream OVER!!

Louis' POV:

I woke up to the sound of Harry and Lexi laughing. I figured they were in the mini bedroom so I went to see what they were doing. "Okay now we are gonna play a game." Lexi said. My eyes got wide. I walked in and saw that Lexi and Harry were sitting on the bed in front of the computer. "Oh hey Lou! Me and Harry are doing a Twitcam! wanna come say hi to the fans?" Lexi asked waving me to come. "Sure why not?" I layed on Lexi and Harry's laps. "Hello! Make sure these two love birds don't have to much fun k? alright bye!" I got up and walked away. "Lou!" Lexi exclaimed. I then made a heart with my hands and fell on the couch.

I decided to think about the weird dream I had. My dream clearly was at a funeral. But it was Lexi's funeral. Does she die? I hope not. Maybe my dream means nothing.

"We're Here!!!" Thomas yelled. "YAY we are in Wolverhampton!" Lexi exclaimed. she then ran to the front of the bus. Harry was slowly dragging his feet as he followed. "Can we just find a hotel?" I begged still sitting on the couch. "Sure Louis what else do you want a flat screen TV?" Lexi said sarcastically. "Yes and maybe a pigeon named Kevin" I grinned at Lexi. She just rolled her eyes and started talking to Thomas.


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