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My story is simple, but dramatic. My name is Lexi. I recently got signed to Big machine records. I had to leave my home in Doncaster to start recording. a year later I go back home and meet up with one of my old friends. Will things be the same? read and find out!


28. Broken Harry...

Lexi's POV:

You know that feeling when you realize you made the right decision? Well I have that feeling. Louis is my true love. I guess I didn't know that. He makes me feel...wanted. The thing was Harry still has feelings for me. Every time I walk by him I can feel his eyes. When I'm with Louis Harry is never in a good mood. Louis and I aren't even a couple yet. But I can still feel Harry's jealousy creeping in.

"Zayn please pass the bacon!" I exclaimed. Liam, Zayn, Louis, Harry, and I were all having breakfast while we were on our way to Ireland. Its been a week since I broke up with Harry. I found out that keeping the whole Just Friends thing with Harry is hard.

"Here you go miss." Zayn handed me the bacon plate. "BACON!!!" My eyes got huge and a little drool fell from my mouth. "Woops none for you!" Louis took the plate away from me and ate the last piece. "What the hell Lou I was gonna eat that!" I shouted. "Then why'd I eat it?" Louis asked spitting little bits of bacon out of his mouth while he talked.

"Cause your a Asshole." I shot back. "Alexi Reagan watch your language!" Thomas yelled at me from the front of the bus. I rolled my eyes. Louis chuckled. "Watch it Tomlinson!" I glared at Louis. Everyone at the table burst out laughing...except Harry. "I'm gonna go watch TV." Harry announced awkwardly. "I'll come!" Liam offered. "No I need a little time alone. I'm still tired." Harry replied. I watched as Harry got up and went to the private mini room.

We all ate in silence from then on.

~hour later~

"Lexi get your smelly feet off me!" Louis groaned as he pushed my feet off his chest. "Don't you just love the smell of foot odor?" I joked putting my feet in Louis' face. He pushed my feet off of him. "How do you like it?" He asked as he put his feet in my face. I fake coughed. "Febreeze might fix that!" I replied pushing his feet away from my face.

"Nah My feet smell heavenly! Here want another whiff?" Louis stuck his feet in my face one more time. "Lexi just warning you he doesn't wear socks." Liam warned me from the table. "I already knew that." I choked on the terrible smell. "I surrender!" I exclaimed. Louis grinned in approval and took his feet off me.

"How does defeat feel?" Louis asked me still grinning. "absolutely wonderful." I replied sarcastically. "Good." Louis nodded.

"Lexi!" Zayn ran in the main room. "What?!" I snapped. "You need to talk to Harry. He's gone mad!" Zayn exclaimed. My mood imminently softened. "OKay." I replied getting up from the sofa. I looked back at Louis. He had a worried look plastered on his feet. "I'll be right back." I said assuring Louis.

I walked to the back room where Harry was. The door was shut tight. I knocked on it. "Come in." A tired cracking voice said. I walked in. Harry was laying flat on his stomach with a pillow in his face. "Harry. Are you okay?" I asked. I walked over to the side of the bed waiting for Harry to look at me. "I don't know." Harry replied. He then turned to look at me. The white of his eyes were a bright red. The green in his eyes had turned to a dull shade of gray. He had tear stains on his cheeks and bags under his eyes. His perfect Curls were messed up and all over the place. I gasped at the sight of him.

"Harry!" I cried and went for the hug. I hugged him tightly. "Harry whats wrong?" I asked after I broke the hug. "Everything..."

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