jess, bubbles,beauty and pebbles are four dog brother's that were alone at birth away from there mother . Until an old but rice woman takes them in. they get into trouble but when they stick together they will get througt anything.


1. Welcome to the family!

On a cold winter night , while everyone was inside, warm. There was a screech . A little voice shouting "mama!" "Mama!". It came from a small , ripped up box and what was screeching was a little pup. That was Jess. He was a cute little dog with scruffy hair and he was a black and brown terrier. Jess was the leader of the group and always had a idea for a problem to sort it out. " Buddy, mama's gone ! Not coming back. Well,good ridden's to her! If she does'nt want us ,thn FINE! We don't need her anyways!" . That was Bubbles . He though he was the most couragous, cutiest and coolest dog in the world. Jess shouted " Oh shut up!Just shut up! You know nothing ,you... CAT!!". Bubbles got snarly,  curnied his lips and spated "YOU TAKE THAT BACK, YOU THURD!" They started bithing at each others ears , scraping at there faces until there other brother Beauty stepped in saying in a came voice. " guys, please . stop before someone get hurt. " Just then , Jess stopped biting Bubbles ear and Bubbles stopped scraping Jess. Beauty was the sensitive type. And could be competitive when he wants to be. "Ok. I know all of us AND THAT INCLUDES YOU BUBBLES, miss our mom. And she might of  gone away for a very good reason.". Bubbles was thinking , as were the rest of the puppies. Until, a very fluffy puppy said, with no shame "I'm hungry!". That was Pebbles. He was a puppy that sensed adventure even thought he like to eat... A LOT!  "But, I remeber something". As Pebbles was trying to get up off his back, all the pups were shouting "What do you remeber?" said Beauty in that came voice of his. But Pebbles was'nt quite up yet and whined "One minute!". He was grunting and groaning to get up ,until Bubbles shouted" Oh , just get up you FAT SLOB!!!". Pebbles said defensively" Ok. Ok. I was just taking a rest. Jeez, came down! Anywhay, as you were all sleeping ,and ..calling me fat . THATS MEAN!!" Bubbles said in an empty apoliegy "Sorry, you were sayying!" . " Anywhay, Iwoke up . Looked above mom. And saw these men in grey suit's saying"Aww! look a dog with no license! she'll be cooking tonight!" . "And they burst out laughing and threw mom into a white van which said  "Pound" at the side of it , so mom must be in some place to gain weight ...or England. So we can split up .Two of us will go to Mc Donlad's an two can go to England". Jess looked annoyied and shouted " You stuiped mutt! Did you realise that a pound is were other dog go and if they don't go to a new family they go to the big doggy bowl in the sky! Huh!! Do you realise  what you have done!". Bubbles glared at Jess and said "How do you know that?". Jess cooled down and said "Mom was saying it? I wanted to help her but she just told me to sleep behind her. I'm so sorry you guys". All of them (even Bubbles) hugged him and then Jess said " Wehave each other right ?".And all the puppies sqealed"Yay". Just then avery clean , shiny car came past them and a person shouted "stop!" . A old woman who had a black dress  and a red jacket on. She had high heels on and her hair was grey and big . She walked over to them and the puppies were scared as they leaned away from her and Jess asked Pebbles " Is she the pound man?". Pebbles replied "No! They weren't as scary!". Bubbles said scared "This is how were gonna die! I love you guys!". As the old woman kneeled down she said ina sweet voice "Awww! You poor little babies! And out in this weather! Well, don't worry , year comning home with me you cutie pies!". As she lifted them up , all the puppies looked at Jess for help but Jess just said "She seem nice. Let's give her a chance". And then Bubbles  wispered over to Beauty "Hay! I didn't really mean to say I love you what I ment to say was that I love..Poo?". As the worried little puppies were comning nearer and nearer to the womans house they didn't know what will happen to them? But as they were worried the most they saw the ,biggest ,most beautiful house in the world . And the was puddles ,fountains and lots of felids they can play in. When they got into the house it was huge . The sweet old lady said "My name is Dority May or Ms May. and I'll show you all where your sleeping. Bubbles was talking like a sargent in a army " Stand your ground ! Don't let her butter yea up!" Just then she showed then ab warm ,soft bed  and fluffy blankets. And all the puppies had smily faces and bubbles with his cheeky smile said "I like her! She should fit right into our family!". All the puppies agreed in excitement except Pebbles saying "No! She can't just buy our love! I'm going right now!". As he was  about to go  Ms May said " I hope you all like steak because that is what you'll be having every night . Bob ! Four steaks please! " And as the butler came in with  four steaks  the size of the puppies ,Pebbles eyes looked at the steak and looked back at his brother and then he looked at Ms May  and said with a smile " Wecome to the family!"

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