Accidentally in love (a one direction fanfic❤)

Felicity stead and her friends were just normal teenagers in school until
There hole world was shaken up by one direction. Will the girls fall for
These boys and accidentally fall in love with then? Read to find out !! Also
There's a lot of action!!


1. Chapter 1

Felicity's P.O.V One day......actually I was Tuesday and I was dreaming about one direction like always,But out of nowhere Harry styles comes in the class and picks me up and Carrys me out of the class!"what the hell are you doing?" I scream.he chuckles. I look over to see Louis Tomlinson carry my good Friend Maria.Maria what's going on I ask her. She smiles. I don't know but I LIKE it!she says looking at Louis giggling. Then I hear screams, I look over to see Alyssa and Sativa being carried by Niall and Zayn. "You ok love? Harry asks me. Well I just got carried out of math class by my idols so ya I'm just great! I say to him, he chuckles."can you please explain to me what's going on?" SATIVA asks Niall."umm I don't now exactly so let's wait and find out k? He says to her softly." Ok fine she says. " umm what are your names?" Liam asks. Well shoulder you already know that?" Maria says sassily. Liam sighs" yes but we don't ok"? He says sounding stressed. Ok I'm felicity I say pointing to myself and then doing the same to the rest of the girls." I'm also single Maria yells to Louis making him laugh.We get out of the car to a ditch. "Ahhhhhh people get raped in ditches!!! Alyssa screams running behind my back. It's ok Alyssa I don't think there here to rape us. I say to her trying to comfrey her. Maybe we are Harry says looking creepy. Alyssa starts to shiver. Great going Harry. I sneer. He just laughs. Liam takes out a card and put it by a rock the rock SCANED it! The we got shucked down in the ground by big tube
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