Crush (1D Fan Fiction)

Love. Jealousy. Heartbreak. Lies. All wrapped up in one book, called 'Crush'.

(One Direction; Fan Fiction. In this book their all 16 years old, for now at least.)


2. First Day.

Alice's P.O.V

I now stood in front of a a huge building. My hands were shaking and my legs felt weeks. I bit my lower lip, as I hesitantly, push opened the big, heavy, medial door... to my new school.

I always get nervous ever time I start a new school. Will I make friends? Enemies? Or nothing at all?; are the
questions that circle around in my head.

As I pushed opened the doors, my jaw drop. This school looked amazing and beautiful. From the outside you would think this was just a normal, old, plan school, but it wasn't. I was a every unique school, full of colors and smiles. It was kinda like a dream.

I slowly close my mouth and snapped out of my thoughts. Then I tried to figure out where the office was, so i started to head down the long hall way, passing people and trying not to bump into anyone.

After a while of trying to find the the office, I realized I have gotten lost. I started to walking around, looking kinda confused, not watching where I was going. The all of a sudden, 'Bang!' I fell back wards and landed on my bum. "Ow..." I mumbled, rubbing my lower back. "Oh! I'm so sorry!" I heard a deepish kinda voice say. I looked up to see a cute looking boy looking down at me.

When are eyes met, he smiled and laid his hand out in front of me. "Are you ok?" He asked, waiting for me to take his hand. I nodded and took his hand. "Yes, I'm fine. Thank you." As he helped me up making me get a bit closer to him, I could now see his face much better. He had dark, ocean blue eyes and blonde hair, with a little bit of brown in it. It made his hair look golden in the light. His eyes sparkled, as he smiled at me.

He gently let go of my hand. "I haven't seen you around here before. Are you new?" Nodded my head "Yes. I'm looking for the office." He smiled once again. "I'll take you there" He said. "Oh, and by the way my name is Niall." I smiled. " That's an Irish name, right?" I looked at him, his smile grew bigger on his face. "Why, yes. It is. How did you know?" He asked. "Well, I'm half Irish, so I know a few Irish names." He smiled even more after I said that. "That's awesome!" He said, happily. "Well, we better get going."

Niall P.O.V

We walked side by side, down the long hallway to the office. We talk and got each other, getting to know each other. Some of it was just small talk, but I didn't mind.

I was happy to hear that she was half Irish. Now I'm not the only Irish person in this school. It's nice having an Irish buddy, even though shes only half Irish.

I look her, from the corner of my eye. She has the most beautiful green hazelish eyes, I ever seen. He hair flowed out of her head, straight and perfect. It shined in the light and it looked so soft. Her height looked average, for her age. She looked pretty stylish, with her baby blue hoodie, ripped up blue jeans and light blue Toms.

We finally found are selves in front of the office door. "Well, this is it." I said, looking at the door. "Oh, ok. Thank you." She said, as she slowly opens the door to the office. "No problem.." She opens the door, about to walk in. "Ah! Oh, wait! What your name?" She turns slightly, so she can see me and smiles. "Alice, Alice Murray."
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