Crush (1D Fan Fiction)

Love. Jealousy. Heartbreak. Lies. All wrapped up in one book, called 'Crush'.

(One Direction; Fan Fiction. In this book their all 16 years old, for now at least.)


1. About me.

Hey, my name is Alice Murray. I'm a 16 year old girl, from England. My step Dad's work requires him, and me, to move around a lot, so I've just recently moved to a nice place, called Brighton.

Brighton was a nice place to live, but it reminded me of my Mom a lot. She always wanted to go to Brighton, don't know why, she just did.

A lot her friends said I looked just like her. With my green, hazelish eyes, long straight, dark brown hair and my beautiful, white smile.

My personality was said to be both like my Mom and my Dad's. I was fun loving, silly and wired, just like my Dad. Also, gentle, shy and sweet, just like my Mom.

My Mom was British and my Dad was Irish. My Dad died when I was only a baby and my Mom died a year ago, not long after marring Phillip.

Phillip was my step Dad and I hated every thing about him. I could never understand why my Mom ever married him. Phillip was everything but a gentleman, but you will understand that soon enough...
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