Love Another One

Mariah Maynard and Harry Styles were together for 2 years it was true love but then Mariah got into a car accident and she told Harry to find another girl that he will love for always and cheerish her like he did to Mariah.............Just Read it


2. Car Crash!

Mariah kissed me and whisperd in my ear ''i cant wait to be Miss Styles''

''i cant wait either now lets go pay and tell every one the big news''i whisperd in her ear

we went to pay the person and we went to my car well its now our car

We arrived to our flat where the boys are,we went inside to see the living room all messy even if Liam was there

''Oh my god guys we on only left for 2 hours and look how...''i cutted of Mariah

''The Fuck guys you dint even wait for me we would of beaten our record Hop top!!''Me

the boys all give me a high five except for Liam cause he's watching Toy story i think thats why Liam dint even care if the living room was messy

''Humm hummm!''Mariah

''oh right..guys guess what?!''Me

''Shussh stop being so loud dont you see im watching toy story?''Liam


-Liam's P.O.V-

i was trying to watch Toy story but their all noisy i was lookig at Harry and Mariah and thats when i spotted Mariah's finger their was a ring i wanted to say something but then the good part came up and i dint even care about the ring now

''Sorr..''Harry but before he can finish saying what he had to say i cutted him off

''SHHUSSSH the good part is now starting''Me

''Oh dont worry Harry he's been like that all night''Niall

''Well than let me tell you guys the news in the kitchen''Harry

they went in the kitchen and i was happy cause i was finally in peace to watch Toy story


Louis'S P.O.V

i was exited to hear the big news of Harry and Mariah and well i was scared at the same time cause maybe she's pregnant!!

''Okay so whats you big news?''i said

''Well i proposed to humm heuu Mariah!''Harry said with a big smile on his face and Mariah had a big smile on her face as well

''Oh my god bro thats good its about time that you both get married''Niall

''Congrats!''i said  and hugged them both and the rest of the boys did a group hug

''Oh my god bro im happy for you two''Zayn

''i know its late but im hungry for some chips''Niall

''like always''i replied

Mariah's P.O.V

''Do you want me and Harry to go get you guys some chips?''i said

''Yeah and thanks''Niall

Me and Harry went in the living room and we putted or shoes on after we opend the door

''BYE GUYS and BYE Liam''Harry yelled

''yeah yeah yeah bye now go!''Liam dint even look at us

Me and Harry laughed and we closed the door we went in our car Harry drove we did now half of the road to the store

''i love you Babe''i kissed his cheek

''i love you too honey''Harry smiled

BOOUUMMM a car hit our car and it was in my side......i was hurting alot i saw Harry crying and he was holding my hands i was also bleeding because of all of the glass i slowly closed my eyes but before i could all close my eyes i heard Harry

''Come on Baby please dont close you eyes just open them please!!''Harry's voice was weak i could feel his hands all weak i was bleeding to death

''Dont worry babe'' i said with my voice so weak to and i closed my eyes

Harry's P.O.V

''Dont worry hun your gonna make it''i said

i was weak but not has much as Mariah she now let go of my hands i tought she was just tired but i couldnt feel her breathing anymore and i started crying louder i saw the amblunace coming <i know the ambulance dosent come that quick> i couldnt stop crying their was so many people around plus the peremetics they got Mariah first out

''We're too late for her she's allready gone''one of the perematics said

i went out as well.I woke up in a hospital bed seing the guys all looking worried

''look he's awake!''i heard Liam say

''Wh-Wheres Mariah?''i said still weak but not that much

''.............''the boys dint even answer me

''Well tell me where she is''i said a little bit angry but it dint show

''Harry,Mariah passed away in the car crash''Niall

i saw tears coming down their faces

''N-Noo your liying i dont believe you guys''i said crying i dint wanted to believe them but all of the memories came back to me

They all got up and came close to my bed Liam and Zayn was holding my hands we all were crying the nurse came in

''Sorry guys ill have to ask you guys to come out theirs only relateds that have to come in''The nurse

''Are you freaking blind these are my brothers''i stopped crying

''Okay and Sorry''The nurse left

''Thanks bro''Zayn

they went all back to sit in their sits and it was all silent

''Can you please talk''I said because i dint want to think about Mariah

''Yeah shure''Liam

''Are you exicted about the next concert?''Niall

''of course i am''i faked smiled but the truth is im not exicted because nothing will ever feel the same without Mariah they all smiled with their red puffy eyes i sat on the bed because i was tired of liying on the bed


Nobody had nothing to tell so i told the guys some jokes

''Your moma so old even i wont date her!!''I said and laughed

They all laughed Niall said a joke

''When you momma will go into labour i will only be the one their to help her''Niall

We all laughed it felt good actually and out of no where Liam told a joke it was sad but really funny

''I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like my grandfather.. Not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car''Liam

''Good one bro''i said but it reminded me of the car accident i had but i was laughing because i needed to laugh to make me forget about Mariah

'i have a joke did you ever hear the joke about the Stewardess?''Louis said

we all said no

''Okay let me tell you,Exasperated by a very naughty kid left in her care on departure who kept running back and forth in the airplane annoying all the passengers, the stewardess whispers to him:
Maybe you’re bored! Don’t you want to play outside?''Louis

''hahah good one''Niall

We all spend the night telling jokes and i feel asleep the boys and the boys as well

1 week later

Still Harry's P.O.V.

Finally i could go home! i prepared all my stuff and me and the boys went all back home but their were Paparazzis outside and fans

''Urghh dont they ever take a break?!''i said

''Ohh my god!!!One direction!!!''The fans

its the only thing i hear

''Harry Harry can you tell me how you feel about the accident?and the death of you girlfriend''One of the paparazzy said

''DONT YOU HAVE A HEART FOR GODS SAKE MY FIANCEE DIED!!!!SHE WASENT MY GIRLFRIEND ANYMORE IVE JUST LOST MY FIANCEE SHE DIED IN FRONT OF ME!!JEZZZZZ!!''i said yelling really loud it went all quit i started crying and i went in the car while the boys were stading their all looking upset even the fans and the paparazzi looked sad

i was really angry and sad i was lost i was crying my heart out i was covering my face with my hands the boys all came in the car and well the paparazzy tooked pictures

''i-i just want to die i wish i could of taken her place instead of mine''i said crying

''Come on Harry please dont say that''Liam tapped my back

Louis started the car and we went to our flat i went inside its when i saw pics of me and Mariah i tooked picture and trow in on the floor i was furious

''WHY HER AND WHY NOT ME!!I HATE YOU GOD WHY DID YOU TOOK MY HAPPINESS AWAY!!!!!!!!!!''I yelled Zayn came running towards me and he grabbed me

''why why why her?''i said

''i dont know''Zayn

''thats where your suposse to say something instead of i dont know''i said

''i dont know Harry i just dont know''Zayn

i started imagining i was hugging Mariah it felt so good i hold her really hard

''Dont leave me''Me

Zayn let me go with a confuse look on his face i went into my room i saw Mariah coming towards me

''Harry promise me you wont do something....'' Mariah i cutted her off by hugging her it felt so real

''Dont worry i wont if you dont leave me''Me

''i-i have too''Mariah

<Short Chapter again>



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