Love Another One

Mariah Maynard and Harry Styles were together for 2 years it was true love but then Mariah got into a car accident and she told Harry to find another girl that he will love for always and cheerish her like he did to Mariah.............Just Read it


1. The Propasal

Harry And Mariah were in a Fancy restaurant it was really beautiful


-Harry's P.O.V-

im really nervous because im going to propose too Mariah tonight in this restaurant, i know she's the one we've been together for 2 years its not much to do a propasal but i feel its the right time i want her to be Mariah Styles

''Okay Mariah is almost finish eating her food''i whisper so she cant hear me and im really staring at her in a nervous way

''Babe you allright?''Mariah

''Yes i am''Me

i need to go to the bathroom to clear my mind so i could be more cooler when i ask her to marry me

''well than stop looking at me like that''Mariah giggles

''Like what?''Me

''Like your hidding something''Mariah

''Me hide something from you nah never going to happeng''Me

''Yes your hidding something spill it right now''Mariah

''Okay but first let me go to the bathroom''Me

''Okay hurry back ok babe because i miss you allready''Mariah winks at me

''Dont worry love i will'Me

i get up and walk to the bathroom and i get out my phone i dial Liam's phone number but it went straight to voice mail

''Dang it Liam''Me

i hung up the phone and i rince my face.

-Mariah's P.OV.-

i know Harry is hidding something from me cause i can tell when Harry lies or hides something thats why we make such a great couple.....i see Harry coming he looks less nervous before he went to the bathroom


-Harry's P.O.V-

''it worked im less nervous and she's done eating so now i could propose''i whisper to myself

i walk pass my chair and go straight to Mariah

''CAN EVERYONE LISTENG IVE GOT SOMETHING TO SAY''i yell so everybody can watch me to my propasal to her

''Mariah im tired that its MM and HS forever''i say to her

i get down on one knee and i get out a little box

''i want it to be MS and HS forever Mariah will you do me the honer to be my wife if you say yes ill be the most happy guy in the world''i say

i hear everybody say 'Say yes' or 'Awwh' but the only thing i want to hear is her beautiful voice saying yes

''Sorry saying YESS''Mariah

Mariah hugs me really tightly and i cant help myself from crying of joy,i hear the people clapping but when im holding her i only hear my heartbeat going faster and slower.i put the ring on Mariah's finger


Short Chapter


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