Consumed into Darkness

Kelsa isn't normal. There's something that no-one knows, not even her. Things she will see, and things she'll be able to do. The truth is hidden in Renshaw, behind the doors of Roxbury.


1. Brandy Fire

"Oh please!" I pushed him away, laughing in stupidity. Warm embers glowing in the dark twilight.
"You and your stories Brendan," I joked, tussling his black dyed hair. He chugged down as much of his brandy as he could which didn't really help his argument since he was probably quite drunk. But still he resumed trying to convince us that it wasn't a story. I wasn't really bother whether it was or not. I just like watching Amelia's reaction, she doesn't tend to agree with horror stories as such, she's much more squeamish than us. Me and Brendan aren't really scared of anything, not that I could think of anyway. But Amelia's boyfriend, Daniel has a huge pet peeve against rats, can't stand the things. Occasionally, to get on his nerves, I remind him of the commonly known fact that you're never more than 10 feet away from a rat. He sequels.


"And there you go!" Brendan finished rather loudly. Banging his hand down next to the fire-pit, rattling clouds of smoke into the distant darkness. The flames were starting to die down, noticing this, I grabbed the brandy out of Brendan's hand and poured some on top. He wasn't as pleased as the other two to see more flames. Actually, he was rather annoyed. "Hey! I was drinking that!" he protested. I glared at him,
"Really? I hadn't noticed." I simply laughed while handing him back the half bottle, he only just opened it. It's not like there's a shortage of alcohol though, there's three more bottles of brandy in his bag. And he has already drank two tonight. And knowing Daniel, he's probably got a couple of bottles of tequila in his bag too.


I distracted myself from Brendan's drunk angry eyes, and looked up to the glittering sky. The moon was pure white tonight, like a plate straight from the dishwasher, steaming clean. The stars were so bright, yet so small. It's hard to believe sometimes that they're Suns thousands of miles away. A phrase that always makes me think: For every grain of sand there is on Earth, there is a distant sun. The center of it's own Solar System. Jesus that's a lot of planets!


I turned back to Amelia and Daniel, they were packing up their food, ready for bed. That was my queue to scurry into my tent before Brendan fights me for the non-tattered sleeping bag. It's going to be a cold night, I could feel it. I didn't eat anything so I had nothing to pack up. I brushed off the dried dirt off my jeans, and made a long, loud yawn. Stretching out my arms, almost hitting Brendan in the face.
"Oi! Watch it!" he scolded, flapping my arms away. I stumbled, a little dizzy from the fire's heat.
"Sorry, just a little tired," I croaked, my throat a tad sore. Brendan just rolled his eyes,
"Go on, I don't mind." I chuckled, collecting his empty brandy bottles.
"What ever do you mean?" I asked. Not going to admit it was a bit of plan, but I did feel a little dizzy. And a little sick to the stomach actually, that only just occurred to me.
"I know you want the good sleeping bag, go ahead." I smiled, and kissed him on the cheek.
"Thanks!" I chirped as I swiftly hurried to the tent.


It took only a minute to change into something a little more comfortable and snuggle into the sleeping bag. I didn't hesitate to sleep, and shut my eyes tightly. But it's the weirdest thing. I swear that all I could hear was a bird singing outside the tent, twittering to its heart's content. Strange...

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