Want U Back

Harry Styles fanfic: This is for my friend Makayla. Makayla's boyfriend, Dylan, does it all; he abuses her, cheats on her, everything. Her best friend Maya is always there to rescue her, but when the girls bump into five amazing boys, they run away with them never expecting to see Dylan again. Two boys fall for Makayla, but what happens when Dylan finds out? After all, the boys are international popstars.


4. Seriously?

Harry's P.O.V.
Ugh. I was so mad at Niall. I really liked Makayla. She was so pretty, smart, innocent, and practically perfect. She was being tortured by that evil thing Dylan-that thing didn't even deserve a name-and was too weak to stop him. If Niall got too drunk and cheated on her, she'd kill herself! Unfortunately, I didn't have a wonderful reputation myself. I knew she liked Niall, but couldn't she give me a chance? I thought about all of this as we say in the car on the way too eat dinner. There were way too many paparazzi at the hotel, so Maya and Makayla let us stay at their house. We reached the restaurant, and Niall took Makayla's hand. "Hey, Makayla? Do you care if we call you Kayla?" I asked, trying to start a conversation. "Sure, Maya calls me Kayla, too," she answered. As we sat down, I saw Kayla and Maya look at a couple and glance at each other. "Kayla, it's okay, don't cry, you have Niall now," Maya comforted a tearing up Kayla. "He, he, he's cheating on me when we, we never officially broke up!" Kayla burst into tears. "Niall! Comfort her. I have some, err, business to take care of," Maya got up and walked over to the couple's table. "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU! YOU JUST BROKE MY BEST FRIEND'S HEART YOU LITTLE MONSTER! AND YOU HAVE THE GUTS TO DO THIS AFTER YOU HAVE ABUSED HER FOR THE PAST YEAR! I AM GOING TO MURDER YOU!" she screamed at him. "Ugh, you liar! You had a girlfriend and didn't tell me? We are so through," the girl got up and left. "Look what you've done now, b****," the guy, who I guessed was Dylan, said to Maya. "You deserve worse," Maya grumbled as he walked out. She walked over here. "Babe, nice job handling that jerk. You took care of that nicely," Liam complemented her, and pulled her into a kiss. Niall and Makayla were already at it, and Louis and Zayn were in a deep conversation about carrots and Power Rangers. I felt so alone, until I saw her.

A/N: Hello my fellow directioners! Hope you guys are well, cause I am FANTASTIC thanks to you guys! I saw I have a couple comments, 13 favorites, and 8 likes! Comment please, I need new characters! Post a comment with a character name, personality, and where Maya, Makayla, and the boys meet the character. I would like to make a shout out to my BFFL Makayla, who this fanfic is about, her Movella name is MakaylaMarie__1D so read her stuff! Keep favoriting, liking, and reading! I love you guys a ton! Also, I will write a fanfic for you, give me your name (full name preferred), best friend's name (up to five), and the boy you want to be with! I keep mine appropriate. By the way, I'm SUPER sorry for the crappy and short chapter, I told you guys I would update on weekends and I wanted to do so.
Love you guys to pieces,
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