Want U Back

Harry Styles fanfic: This is for my friend Makayla. Makayla's boyfriend, Dylan, does it all; he abuses her, cheats on her, everything. Her best friend Maya is always there to rescue her, but when the girls bump into five amazing boys, they run away with them never expecting to see Dylan again. Two boys fall for Makayla, but what happens when Dylan finds out? After all, the boys are international popstars.


5. Not My Fault

   Makayla's P.O.V.

Well, I finished dinner alive. What I went through, oh my goodness...
1. I saw that Dylan was cheating on me..wonderful.
2. About 5 "directioners" silly-stringed Maya and me while yelling at us saying, "UGLY! YOU DON'T DESERVE THEM!"
3. I think Harry is mad at me...

Well, that was a fun time. When we got back to Maya's house, I ran upstairs to my room. Yes, I know, I have a room at my best friend's house. Kill me. 

I went to go find my phone. I have 9,000 new followers on twitter. Well, this is nice. I heard someone knock on the door.

"It's Harry! Can I come in?!" I started to panic. I know he is mad at me. And everytime in my life when a guy was mad at me, they beat me.
"Umm, yeah sure!" I said, feeling small. He walked in, and sat next to me on my bed. Before I knew it, he was kissing me! What? I'm dating Niall! This isn't good! I tried to push him away, but he wouldn't stop.
"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" I heard an irish accent yell from across the room.
Harry quickly stood up and ran away. Niall was sitting there, looking at me.
"I-I-I'm s-so sorry." I stuttered
"We haven't even been going out for two days and you are already kissing Harry!" Niall said.
"I'm so sorry! He came in and kissed me! I tried to make him stop! He wouldn't!" I said, starting to yell. 
"This happens every freaking time.." Niall muttered, storming out of my room.
Suddenly, Maya burst into my room with Louis.
"What just happened? Why is Niall crying?" Maya asked.
"Harry came into my room and kissed me and when I tried to get him to stop, he wouldn't and then Niall came in and saw us."
"I'm going to kill Harry!" Louis said
"No, no, please don't." I said. "Louis, can you leave please? I want to talk to Maya."
"Ok!" Louis then ran out of my room, screaming Harry at the top of his lungs.
"What's up?" Maya asked, looking sorrowful for me.
"I-I-I kind of liked kissing Harry. I felt a spark with him. And I didn't have one with Niall," I said
"Well, it's your choice. Harry or Niall. Sleep on it." She said, patting my back. When she left, I heard Harry and Niall yelling at each other. I slammed my door and put in my earphones with Ed Sheeran on full blast. I laid in my bed and fell asleep almost instantly.

A/N: Helllooo! I'm Makayla! I am co-writing this now! Sorry if this isn't that good, keep reading though! Love you! Mwuah!

A/N: Hey! This is Maya! I was editing this and I saw the A/N, and I know that ALL of the readers agree that this is one of the best chapters! Anyway, I love you guys! BTW that's the Makayla that I wrote this about, as you might have guessed...

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