Want U Back

Harry Styles fanfic: This is for my friend Makayla. Makayla's boyfriend, Dylan, does it all; he abuses her, cheats on her, everything. Her best friend Maya is always there to rescue her, but when the girls bump into five amazing boys, they run away with them never expecting to see Dylan again. Two boys fall for Makayla, but what happens when Dylan finds out? After all, the boys are international popstars.


6. HeartBreaker...

Makayla's POV*********

 The next morning I woke up. I went downstairs to see if anyone was up besides me. Of course, the only one that was up was.. Harry. I saw him in the kitchen with a coffee in his hand.
   "I'm so sorry." He said the second he saw me.
   "It's ok, Harry. I forgive you." I said, while I hugged him. When we let go of each other, I noticed something.
"Um, Harry... What's that on your arm?" I said. I knew it was a bruise.
"Niall..." Harry whispered.
"Oh, I'm so sorry! I hope it gets better!" Just then, Maya came running into the kitchen.

"Kayla? I need to talk to you. Now." Maya said. 
"What?" I said running towards her.

She pulled me into my room and shut the door.

"Did you chose?" Maya said, sounding urgent.
"I think so..." I said. Getting Nervous.
"I think I like Harry more."
"I think you made the right choice..." Maya said, her voice shaking.
"What's wrong?" I said, I looked down at her phone.
It was a picture of Niall kissing a girl.
"WHEN WAS THIS TAKEN?" I screamed.
"Last night...." Maya said.
I stormed out of my room, Maya quickly running by my side. Suddenly, I couldn't breath.
"Makayla! What's wrong?"
"I... Can't... Breath..." I said, gasping for air. I knew exactly what was happening.
Harry cam running into the hallway.
"WHAT'S WRONG?" He said. Asthma.
I ran up into my room, the others trailing behind me. I went into my bathroom and got my inhaler. A couple of gasps later, I was breathing normally again.

"Makayla open up!" Niall screamed.
"Niall, now is not the time! This happened because of you!" Maya screamed. I heard her get the key from under the mat and she stormed in.
"SHHH!!!!" I said. I heard the boys in the hallway.

"That wasn't me in the picture!" Niall said.
"Well, it looked a lot liked you!"
"Well, it wasn't me!!"

I told Maya to open the door. Maya did, an I thanked her and told her to leave.

"Ok guys. There is too much trouble in this house."
"Shut up, hold on." I said, interrupting Harry.
"As I was saying. I really like both of you, like a lot." I said. 
"But... I felt more sparks with Harry." I said, not wanting Niall to get mad.
"Of course." Niall said, storming off.

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