Want U Back

Harry Styles fanfic: This is for my friend Makayla. Makayla's boyfriend, Dylan, does it all; he abuses her, cheats on her, everything. Her best friend Maya is always there to rescue her, but when the girls bump into five amazing boys, they run away with them never expecting to see Dylan again. Two boys fall for Makayla, but what happens when Dylan finds out? After all, the boys are international popstars.


11. Dinner

Makayla's P.O.V.

After Louis and Janie came back inside, we decided to eat dinner, it was around 8:00 already anyway. Niall went and ordered Domino's, and we decided to clear up who's dating who.

"Alright, let's begin with me, who's dating Harry. Maya is obviously dating Liam," I said. Maya was making out with Liam, so naturally I decided to stop them. Everyone started staring at them until they stopped. Both of them blushed madly.

"Anyways, Dani..." I continued.

"Well, um, Dani, will you, um go out with me?" Zayn asked nervously.

"Oh my f-ing God YES! A MILLION TIMES YES!" Dani shreiked and tackled Zayn in a hug.

"Right, so Janie and Louis," I confirmed. They both nodded.

"That leaves Niall and Claire," I said. Claire shook her head sadly. Niall walked back in.

"So, what did I miss?" he asked.

"Nothing," Claire said.

"Okay then. Can I talk to you?" he asked her. She nodded. They went into the living room. Naturally, the second he closed the door, we all crowded around to listen. He asked her to go out with him, she said yes, and they opened the door.

"PEOPLE! AM I NOT ALLOWED TO GET A MOMENT?" Niall yelled. We all shook our heads.

"Grr." he said, stalking past us to get the door that was just knocked.

"Thank you," we heard him say.

"DINNER'S HERE!" he yelled. We went to the dining room to eat. Niall had two medium sized pizzas, an order of garlic rolls, and an order of breadsticks. We only had small talk during dinner. When we all finished, Claire and Janie went home, with Niall and Louis taking them. They all promised Liam and Maya that nothing, under any circumstances, would happen.

"So I guess that means..." I started.

"MOVIE NIGHT!" Maya and I screamed in unison. We put in "Dear John" and halfway through the movie, Harry, Maya, Dani and i were crying. Liam and Zayn were on the verge of tears. Every time I watched it I cried. Harry was comforting me and it made the movie so much better.


A/N: Sorry for not updating in a while, Makayla and me have had SO much homework and it sucks :/. Hope you enjoyed yet another crappy chapter by Maya! xx :)

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