Want U Back

Harry Styles fanfic: This is for my friend Makayla. Makayla's boyfriend, Dylan, does it all; he abuses her, cheats on her, everything. Her best friend Maya is always there to rescue her, but when the girls bump into five amazing boys, they run away with them never expecting to see Dylan again. Two boys fall for Makayla, but what happens when Dylan finds out? After all, the boys are international popstars.


9. Claire, Dani, and Janie

Niall's P.O.V.

I needed a girlfriend. Plain and simple. Maya and Makayla left to go get some people, so it was just the boys and me. We put in Insidious and started watching. We sat in awkward silence until the door opened. Maya and Makayla came in with three girls. "BOYS! GET YOUR LAZY BUTTS OFF THE COUCH! WE HAVE COMPANY!" Maya shouted. We all got up and Louis said, "Yes, mum." She gave Liam a kiss and started introductions. "Liam, Claire, Dani, and Janie. Claire, Dani, and Janie, Liam." she continued like that and introduced all of us. Janie and Louis started talking, Dani and Zayn were already flirting, and Claire was standing alone. "You okay, love?" I asked her. She looked up at me and looked back down. I took her hand and led her to the couch. "What's wrong?" I asked. She showed me her phone, it had a text from "Adam <3" saying he never wants to see her again and he got a much better girl than her. "Don't listen to him, he's just being mean. You don't deserve this," I told her. I kissed her cheek, but then realized my mouth was inching toward her lips. She followed my lead and soon we were kissing. "WOAH THERE NIALL!" Louis said, and Claire and I jumped apart. Janie and him started cracking up, and soon we all were. Well then.

Louis' P.O.V.

So, I really liked Janie. I got her number, and hopefully she didn't have a boyfriend. 

Zayn's P.O.V.

Dani is just perfect. She is stunning in every way. "Dani, would you do me the honor of being my girl-" I was cut off by her lips crashing into mine. Nuclear bombs, oh yeah! We pulled away for oxygen, and she smiled. "I'd love to, Zayn, and we kissed again. Success, I thought, mentally smiling.

A/N: Hey peoples! Sorry for the crappy chapter, just felt like updating. So my email is mayapaynemovellas@gmail.com and I am having a character contest! Email your character with a full name, some sort of bad personality, and looks, and the winner will be posted in the next chapter! I won't update without a winner...I love you guys!


Glen Coco (Maya)

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