Pretending is not the right way to do it!

This is my entry for the #KeepingItReal contest


1. Just don't pretend anymore!


So those things we are out throw every day, rude comment about your bodies, thinking that just because you are pretty you aren’t able to do something good off your life.  There’s no good in denying those things, we all hear them, especially us girls, and we all pretend like we don’t care when we all know it kills you inside.

That’s going to end, I believe it is but it all depends on you, it depends on us, we are a community, a team… It’s our job to support each other’s.

So here it goes, and I know we all here this all the time, our parents tell us this, our friends tell us this and our bullies joke about it. That’s exactly the point, it’s your life you can actually do whatever you want with it, so my advice, it’s just to be true to yourself, because it’s better to have a few people that love you for who you are and not lots of people PRETENDING to like because of someone you are just PRETENDING to be.

So I guess we figured it all out by now that the key word here is PRETEND! Something that happens all the time without you even realizing it. It’s curious how we always get trapped in that person that you want to believe it’s you, but if you look inside, really deep, you’ll find that 50% of you’re so true personality isn’t there.

It’s good to be different, imagine a world where we are all in black and white like an old movie, we where we would be all perfect according to our society, how boring would that be!?

It would be pretty boring, always the same people, the same friends, the same conversations, the same everything. Life is made for discoveries, finding knew things according to our interests, so what’s the point in pretending to be someone you’re not with different interests, different tastes why?

The truth is that there isn’t a good and solid explanation to why we love to pretend, really, we should all join the drama club because we are really good at acting we make it sound so real and true.

Our lives are full of changes, and new obstacles that we have to break throw, and that is never, trust me, going to end. Obstacles are just another small bump you have to deal with and no matter how I try to write this to encourage you girls to be yourselves. No matter how many singers and bands sing about it.

It’s only going to change if you want it, and if you work for it. Nothing is free in this world but we just have to work and put a  lot of effort in it so we can make a better place, and we can start by one little thing, it might sound simple and it is if you really, really want it. Let’s work together and make this world a better place where is good to be different!

I want to do it! Do you?

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