Necessary Bleeding

Everyone comes across a point in their life where everything changes. The person who you thought you were begins to blur as you transform into something new.


1. Watching Over You


Blood drips down her pale, white hands. The shattered glass surrounds her on the cold black pavement. The white Elantra is entwined with her red Jaguar. Skylar’s cloudy blue eyes stare back at her, broken. Once free, uncaring, happy. Now broken, sad, strained. How can life suppress this agony into someone? The injured, the dead, and the mangled surround her.  Too many emotions for one so young. Skylar screams out for help but nobody hears her.

“I’m here now, please don’t cry.” I speak gently even though she cannot hear me. I can tell she’s losing grip and doesn’t know how much more she can take. As her soul cries she runs her blood stricken hands through her jet black hair. Now a mess. Tears seep out of her eyes turning them red and puffy.

Skylar thinks it is the end. Yet it is a new beginning. Something everyone must experience. Dreadful, yes. But in the end you become someone new. Like an angel rising from the ground. An inevitable change.

Skylar’s body begins to shake fiercely. The fear slowly spreads throughout her body, losing its sanity. Fear is such a peculiar emotion. It won’t stop until it devours you whole. The only way to combat this emotion is with your left over sanity. Even though she doesn’t see it now, Skylar is strong and will rise above her own fears. 

“It will be okay darling. Don’t be scared. Skylar, you are destined to glow radiantly with your new sense of purpose.” Sorrow will slowly begin to dissipate as excitement rises. “All us angels will guide you through the battlefield and the demon’s will fall to the bottom of Earth’s core. “

Don’t lose your way now sweetie. Follow the signs and happiness will be waiting for you. One day, Skylar, you will be like a candle in the darkness. I wish you could see yourself through my eyes. Perfection awaits.

“I’ll be watching over you whether the time flies by or if it seems it is at a standstill. You may not see me but you, only you, Skylar, will know I’m around in your heart.”

I see in the distance, the sirens surrounding a bloody, black haired girl, terrified, and the unseen angel. I look at the blood spewing out of the bodies that lay on the cold concrete floor.  The wreckage sits next to them; the damage is unexplainable. The air is cold, unwavering – the sky is dark and the quiet is all too quiet. All I know is that this is an unforgettable experience that will stick with her forever and always.

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