Silent Moments

The moments when we were alone were the best moments in my life. The texts, the glances and the whispers in my ear sent shivers through me.


1. Fields of Heaven

In the end it didn't matter. I had a date for prom and that was all. He wasn't anything special, just a normal boy. Or so I thought...

That minute or two, when he asked me out was immense. I don't fancy him though. Oh he gave me a beautiful necklace, and I think he likes me. His generosity astounded me, as he can't have known I would accept his offer. But of course, he did. It might have been the way I glanced at him more often than at my work, it might have been the way I needed a date for prom but it probably was because he knew how much I dreamed about him. OK, OK I know what you're thinking. how would he know!? I can tell you. Frankie is special. 

The sound of breaking glass stopped my trail of thoughts. There on my desk, amongst shards of glass was brick. A brick with a message on it. It read :- 

Hello Molly,

You know who I am and I just want to tell you I love you

From ?? xxx

I was petrified. At this point I didn't know how special Frankie. Clutching my favourite soft toy, I made my way to the window and leant out. It might have been vanity or just the naive mind of an 11 year old, but I thought to myself, "I must be very pretty if someone is willing to smash a window for me!" I know, vain or what? But like I said, I was 11. As I was thinking these thoughts something small and hard hit me on the head before landing in my open palm. It was a ring, with a real emerald inside. When I slipped it on a shiver ran through me as I became connected to Frankie.

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