Silent Moments

The moments when we were alone were the best moments in my life. The texts, the glances and the whispers in my ear sent shivers through me.


2. A Time to Love

It had to be done. I would work out who my mystery admire was. At the age of 11, it was all very exciting as I wandered around the house wearing black bin bags and huge sunglasses. Inside my head I was wandering around my castle, looking for Prince Charming. Of course when I found him I wouldn't swoon and fall into his arms. I would slap him and reprimand him for breaking my window. But in my heart I was nervous. I was in Year 6, so of course I had learnt all about the freaks who stalked little girls and pretended to be their age. What if my mystery lover was a kidnapper who was planning to take me away and sell me as a slave. 

"OK." I said to myself. "It is actually quite nice being stalked. I must be beautiful if someone wants to kidnap me!" I have already said I was a vain child, but I was actually very plain and not very special. 

KNOCK...KNOCK...KNOCK...I heard the bang of a fist on my front door, and I sprinted to open it. To my utmost surprise, no-one was there. Instead a intricate bracelet lay there, that matched my emerald ring. Sliding it on, I suppressed a scream as a jolt of energy ran through my body. As the world went black around me, my thoughts were focused on Frankie, and I called him to come and help... 

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