When You Believe

'Okay, Ana, you can do this' I whispered to myself as i stood backsatge, totally ingoring what was being said to me, helplessly fidgetting with the corner of my pale blue t-shirt. 'Here I go!'


3. wtf?

I waited and waited as the auditions kept playing over and over again on the TV in front of me. I watched against my will. It would have discouraged me, looking at all the amazing teens singing their heads off in the most beautiful way. But i watched anyway. Don't know why. Maybe i was searching for someone like me, a shy, skinny girl from a small town, completely not fitting in?

And that's when i saw her. Probably the prettiest girl i would ever see. Wild, elbow-length hair was flicked over one shoulder; I could imagine her doing it. She walked on stage so confidently, as if it was something she did on an everyday basis. Sequined leggings glimmering in the lights of the reflectors, she stopped and took a I'm-so-cool position, with one tanned arm on her hip. She smiled at the camera, showing perfectly white teeth. She introduced herself as Kimiya and at once her wonderfully deep voice filled our ears. Wow.

With the corner of my eye i saw everyone i the room turn to stare at the TV in front of me, and the typical 'wow's and 'she's so good's were whispered in the silence of the place. Wow. I wish they reacted like that when walked on stage. I felt ashamed suddenly, so sure that I won't survive longer than a couple of weeks, so sure i would just make a fool of myself in front of all these people.

She got three yes's, like me. No wonder. With a talent like that she could go really far with a singing career.

'She's probably a typical diva' I thought. I could imagine her as a show-off type, a kind of girl who would boss you around, merciless. I imagined she would shout at everyone who wouldn't give her what she wanted, make them feel so guilty that they will obey immediately.

A loud shriek woke me up form my daydream as all heads turned towards the door to the stage. I recognized Kimiya's wild curls immediately above the sea of heads blocking my view.

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