When You Believe

'Okay, Ana, you can do this' I whispered to myself as i stood backsatge, totally ingoring what was being said to me, helplessly fidgetting with the corner of my pale blue t-shirt. 'Here I go!'


1. The Audition

'Your amazing, child! Why not try your luck? If they accept you, well done, if they don't... well, they obviously will!' my grandmother's voice comforts me in my head. At least one person wants me to follow my dream. Everyone would say, 'don't be ridiculous, Ana! This is for the professionals! Not some smarty pants school girl like you!'

But it's too late to turn back now. I'm swimming in the middle of a pool of talented people, totally unable to move. Not sure whether its the nerves or just the fact that I'm being squished to death by the crazy X-Factor fans going mad next to me. Now i'm actually here, I doubt that they'll pick me at all. I mean, look at all them! Confident, good looking, probably much more talented than I am. And then look at me, with my black jeans and t-shirt, my dark brown staraight-as-wires hair hanging loose down my back. I bet they'll laugh at me. I bet I'll be so terrible that they'll reject me after singing the first word of my song.

No! I came all the way here from my tiny village to just give up now!? No no no no no. I'm going to go up there and sing my ass off and force them to accept me. Only 5 hours of waiting left... Plenty of time to practise!


'Okay, Ana, you can do this!' I whispered to myself as I stood backsatge, totally ignoring was was being said to me, helplessly fiddling with the corner of my pale blue t-shirt. Beathe in, breathe out... 'Here I go!'
I step out from behind the curtains and wires, half-confidently walking accross the stage. The lights compelety blinding me, I found it diffucult to actually find the 'X' I was meant to stand on. Getting there at last, I rested my hand on the mic, still fiddling with my shirt with the other.

'What's your name and how old are you?' Simon's voice boomed in the silence of the place. 'My name's Ana, i'm 15. My name's Ana, i'm 15.' I chanted in my mind, begging myself not to make a mistake.Finally, I answered, 'My name is Anastasia Jowsey and I'm 15.' I hoped my vocie wasn't shaky; first impression had to be that I was a confident girl and ready for anything.

'Okay. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?' came the next question. Breathe in, breathe out... wait! Should I tell the truth? Maybe a made up biography would guarantee a place in the program? Damn it, what do I do!?

'I'm in sixth form at secondary school. I wanna be a fashion designer when I grow up, so I'm aiming for London Fashion College.'

'Do you live in London?'

'No, in Worthing. It's near Brighton.'

'Alright, enough chatter. What are you gonna sing for us today?' Louis' voice came.

'I'll do 'When You Believe' by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.' I answered, my voice really shaking by now. Simon nodded and in a spit second my song started playing. Breathe in, breathe out.. It's gonna be fine, Ana. You came this far, so don't srew up...

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