Just 18 ( One Direction Fanfiction)

Madelynn Shaw just turned 18. Shes been dreaming of moving to London ever since she was younger. Now that shes 18, shes saved up thousands of dollars to move there. When she moves, she gets a job at the the local Nando's. She meets a boy that she could possibly love. But will her best friend since birth, Blain, tell her he has feelings for her.

I'll try to update every Friday, and thanks if you like, favorite, of even read my movella!! <3


10. Where's Blain?

After taking a shower, I put on my make up, straightened my hair and put a beanie on. I was wear some black skinny jeans, and a short sleeve Green Day shirt, also my old blue and black osiris (skate shoes).

I walked down stairs to find Blain eating chips and watching some British talk show. " Ready to go?" He asked while turning off the tv and walking to his bag. He grabed my skateboard and handed it to me. " Now I am." I answered.

I didn't really know where any skate parks were so Blain googles it on his phone. After finding the nearest one, we started walking, since neither of us had a car. " So how do you like it here?" Blain asked breaking the silence. " Well its not as crazy as Florida. You know, its more peaceful. I'm so glad to get out of my mom's house." I said trailing off the subject. " Your mom has actually been quiet depress after you leaving. She never goes shopping with my mom anymore. She also quit her job." he confessed. I didn't know what to say, so I just didn't say anything. After about fifteen minutes of walking there was a big park full of people. Kids playing on playgrounds, couples eating pinics, and a bunch of teenage girl in one park of thr park. I wonder why all of the girls were there, maybe a party of something.

Blain and I made ourselfs to were the ramps and railings were. There were only about three boys skating, but that means more ramps for us. Blain took off without me and started skating. " Come on, don't be a loser!" he demanded. I quickly dropped my skateboard and skated after him. But Blain was faster than me and before I knew it he was already on my biggest ramp. I stoped to watch him, but then I heard girls start screaming. I turned my head to where the teen girls were. They were gathered around a group of boys. I couldn't see who it was, I focus back on Blain he skated up to drenched in sweat. " We've only been here for five minutes and your soaking with sweat!! Gross!" I exclaimed looking at his hair, which was soaking. He looked at me and smiled. He then took his hand and rubbed the sweat on his hand and then rubbed it on my face. " Blain!!!" I yelled acting mean but I wasn't god enough. " Ohh, come Madi I know you like it!" He snickered. I pushed his chest. As i did he grabbed my arms and pulled me close. We were very close at this point. He leaned his head forward, like he going, like KISS ME!

We both pulled away before he did, because I heard an Irish accent yelling my name.

"Madelynn! Madelynn!" I turned around and saw Niall running up to me. "Niall!" I yelled and then hugged him. "Niall what are you doing here?" I asked him while letting go of him. " Well me and the band came for some fresh air. We've been in the studio all day so yeah." Niall said, looking at the other boys in One Direction. The other boys started walking over to us when Niall said that.

Blain was standing behind me the whole time and didn't notice him and until he faked coughed. " Oh Niall, this my best friend since birth, Blain." Niall shook Blain's hand and the didn't look pleased with each other. "Niall, is this that girl you were talking about?" A boy with very curly hair and also a very big grin on his face." Harry!" Niall yelled. " I'm Madelynn nice meet all of you." I said with a blush running across my face.

After introducing each other a man were the boys had been before yelled " Harry, Niall, boys come on we need to get going!" All of the the boys looked at him and shook the heads. Niall came up to me and hugged me and kissed me on the forehead. That was the best feeling, but what about Blain? I quickly pulled away and turned to were Blain was standing but he wasn't anymore. Where did he go? "Madelynn, I have to go ok, I'll text you later." Niall said walking away. "K,bye!" I yelled back. Now where did Blain go? Oh my gosh I hope he did't think me and Niall were dating! Blain has always gotten jealous of me dating because never spend time together when I date. Its not like with me and Niall, but Blain was going to kiss me.... I just don't know anymore.

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