Just 18 ( One Direction Fanfiction)

Madelynn Shaw just turned 18. Shes been dreaming of moving to London ever since she was younger. Now that shes 18, shes saved up thousands of dollars to move there. When she moves, she gets a job at the the local Nando's. She meets a boy that she could possibly love. But will her best friend since birth, Blain, tell her he has feelings for her.

I'll try to update every Friday, and thanks if you like, favorite, of even read my movella!! <3


14. Pushing Away

For the dinner with the boys, we weren't going anywhere special , we just went to a local diner. Me and Blain took a taxi, while Niall was going to meet us there. I was real nervous. I didn't know if Blain or Niall would say or do something that might not be... well something bad. Blain promised he'd be a good boy. But Niall, he sounded kind of jealous on the phone earlier today. He hesitated about this whole dinner. But they need to get to know each other.

Blain and I were there a little early. We took our reservation and took a seat. We started talking about how different London is from America, and it was kind of funny. We were laughing like crazy, and then Niall showed up. His looked up at Blain and I and his eyes got dark. I stood up and waved and smiled at him. He flashed a little smile. He came up to me and kissed me. Like a deep kiss. I pulled back. I could tell he was just showing off. I saw Blain stiffen up in the corner of my eye.

Niall and I sat next to each other and Blain sat on the other side of me. We order and it was kind of awkward silence. Blain finally broke the ice surprisingly. "So, Niall, when does you tour start?" Niall looked up and told him,"In three weeks but we get a three day break every month."

I didn't know the tour was starting so soon. "oh." is all Blain said.

The rest of the dinner was in silence, every once in a while we has a four or five word conversation. Niall had to get up early and had to go to the studio. So it was going to be just me and Blain.

We took a taxi home and when we got home we sat on the couch and watched movies. Really we talked and laughed and just watched movies like old times. And like always I was the first one to fall asleep.

I woke up and it was still dark out. I was in my bed now. I sat up and looked around the room and I was the only one in there. I wonder if Blain carried me up and slept on the couch? It was 3 in the morning, wow I never really wake up in the middle of the night.

I tip toed in to the hallway, I heard talking. "I know, but I just don't know what to do now." I heard Blain say, still not knowing who he was talking to. I peeked my head around the wall, and stood on the first step of the stairs. I saw Blain lounging on the couch in just his boxers. Wow! I just now noticed how fit Blain was. I mean I've seen him in his boxers before, just...I now just notice how, how sexy he was. Stop! I'm with Niall Madi! Shut up!

"Ok, alright, I'll try to tell her. But I don't know if she'll listen." Who was he talking to? "OK, bye" he hung up the phone and sighed. I started walking down the stairs and Blain looked up, "Madi, why are you awake?" He asked me while walking towards me. "Well, I guess I can ask you the same question." I said laughing. "Oh I was on the phone, with... Well I was on the phone." He was hiding something, but what? I nodded my head and sat on the couch. Blain followed me and sat next to me. We started watching tv and before I knew it his arm was around me. And we were cuddling. I pushed him away. Why is he doing this after I told him I like Niall and we are seeing each other. "What?" He asked surprised that I pulled away. I stood up and took a couple steps back and stared at Blain. He grabbed my arms and started rubbing them, "Madi, come on, I was trying to get anywhere with you." I push him away and grabbed my purse and headed out the door.

I knew if I stayed any longer something would happen. For god sakes, he was in his boxers the whole time. But I'm now just beginning to be attracted to him. I knew I couldn't control myself around him, but I'm sure he would be able control him self though.

I walked into a bar, I wasn't much of a drinker, but I've been kind of stressed. Niall goes on tour soon and Blain, well I don't know even when he's even leaving. I order a beer and took giant gulps of it. Next thing I know, the room was spinning and my vision was fuzzy. I wasn't thinking very straight. Then, I saw who I thought was Blain, yeah it was Blain. I felt sorry for pushing him away, so I got up and ran up to him and kissed him. Then I blacked out.

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