Just 18 ( One Direction Fanfiction)

Madelynn Shaw just turned 18. Shes been dreaming of moving to London ever since she was younger. Now that shes 18, shes saved up thousands of dollars to move there. When she moves, she gets a job at the the local Nando's. She meets a boy that she could possibly love. But will her best friend since birth, Blain, tell her he has feelings for her.

I'll try to update every Friday, and thanks if you like, favorite, of even read my movella!! <3


4. Nando's

I woke up to the sounds of birds singing outside my window and the sun shining through my large open window. I sat up and stretched my arms and sat there for a minute. I looked at the clock, it said 8:38am. I got up and brushed my long beach blonde hair. I opened my suitcase and put my clothes in my dresser. I put on some white skinny jeans and a dark blue hollister long sleeve shirt. I walked down stairs and into the kitchen. I looked all in the cabinets, but nothing was there. I when to the front door and put my white vans on and walked out the door.

 My house was so close to the town that i just walked there. After I stopped to get something to eat, I passed a couple of little markets hoping that they were hiring, but no luck. I was walking down a busy street and I saw a bunch of girls across the street screaming and crying. I couldn't see what they we were fussing over.I just kept walking. I passed a buliding with a sign over it saying: Nando's. there was a sign on the window that said hiring. I walked in and walked up to the counter. There was a short, brown headed girl standing there, she was problably my age or young with the name Rose across her name tag. I said, " theres a sign in the window that says you guys are hiring?" She said with a straight expression, "yeah, heres the application, just fill it out and bring it back." As she handed me the paper. I sat down at a table and started filling it out. About 10 minutes later i stood up and handed her the application. She looked up at me and said "Your hired" still with a straight expression"you start tomorrow at noon." I smiled at her and turn around to  leave.As I turned around I bumped into a blonde headed boy. He looked down on me and slowly and gentely said "sorry I should of watched were I was going." His Irish accent was so.... so beautiful. All that came out of my mouth was, "its fine." He smiled at me and winked. I walked passed him while still looking at him. I turned my head and so did he. I was walking out the door and I looked back and he was looking at me again, I blushed and walked out into the noisy streets of London.

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