Just 18 ( One Direction Fanfiction)

Madelynn Shaw just turned 18. Shes been dreaming of moving to London ever since she was younger. Now that shes 18, shes saved up thousands of dollars to move there. When she moves, she gets a job at the the local Nando's. She meets a boy that she could possibly love. But will her best friend since birth, Blain, tell her he has feelings for her.

I'll try to update every Friday, and thanks if you like, favorite, of even read my movella!! <3


2. Leaving

I took a deep breath and walked into the airport entrance, with Blain walking beside me carrying my bags. I stoped walking and looked at him, he had tears in his beautiful baby blue eyes and trying to hold them back. "This is it." I said hoping he wouldn't start crying, but it was to late. Tears were running down his face and same as me. I huged him for a while and didn't say anything. I let go slowly and he said, "you better get going." My head was turned down to the floor, he took his hand and pulled my chin up slowly. He kissed me on the cheek. I blushed. He handed me my bags. Right as he did I heard a voice say "flight A-7 London." I huged him one last time and no words were said until I started walking away. "I'll miss you and call me when you land!!" Blain said, still tearing up. I noded and walked away.

     Blain's P.O.V

I didn't want to see her go, but this was her dream and didn't want to be the reason for stoping her to follow it. As I gently kissed her cheek I wanted to tell her how I really felt about her. But no, I kept quiet. I watched her walk away, away from knowing that I might..... might really love her.

    Madelynn's P.O.V

I walked on the plane, an older woman took my ticket and told we were i was sitting. I found myself to my seat and put my carry-on bags in the storage above my head. I had my phone and head phone in my pocket. I took them out and turned on Green Day, and closed my eyes......


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