Just 18 ( One Direction Fanfiction)

Madelynn Shaw just turned 18. Shes been dreaming of moving to London ever since she was younger. Now that shes 18, shes saved up thousands of dollars to move there. When she moves, she gets a job at the the local Nando's. She meets a boy that she could possibly love. But will her best friend since birth, Blain, tell her he has feelings for her.

I'll try to update every Friday, and thanks if you like, favorite, of even read my movella!! <3


12. Blain & Niall

I couldn't help myself, but I push Niall onto the bed and started kissing him. But then I realize what I was doing and pulled away. "What?" Niall said with a suprised look on his face. " It's nothing, just the boys are down stair waiting for us." I lied, not wanting to say what happened with Blain. I got off the bed and put on my shirt and headed for the door. Niall quickly jumped up and grabbed my hand. We walked down stairs, and seeing the boys made thereselves at home. Harry looked at us holding hand walking down the stairs, "I see you guys are bonding quite well." Harry smirked. "Harry, shut up." Niall jokingly said back to him.

Niall and I made ourselves to the loveseat and Louis and Zayn were sitting on the bigger couch, while Liam and Harry were sitting on the ground on front of the other boys. "So, what do you guys want to watch?" I asked looking around at all of them." How bout'... Grease?" Niall said looking at me. " Sure." I said still looking at all of the boys.

I put in the movie and truned off the lights. I went and sat down next to Niall. But we ended up snuggling up within ten minutes of the movie. It was then about five minutes until it was over and I started to fall asleep until Niall whispered, "Are you awake?" I opened my eyes and moaned at him. I sat up and noticed that all of the other boys were asleep. "Want to go up stairs?" I asked him in a tired voice. He didn't even answer, but he got up and picked me up and carried me upstairs. I tried not to laugh and wake anyone up.

He layed me on the bed and jumped on me and stared at me in the eyes. " I thought Blain was going to be here?" He asked."Well, we got in to a fight and he stormed out of the house." I tried not to show that worried, but I really was. I changed the subject by pressing my lips against his. We were rolling around on the bed, making out really.

About five minutes later(nothing happened if you know what I mean), we were sitting on the bed and just talking we I heard the front door open than close. "Who was that?" I asked Niall. "Maybe Zayn went outside to smoke?" He answer. We change the subject and started talking about something else. But then I heard someone walking up stairs.

I stood up and walked to my bedroom door and saw Blain sitting on the top of the stairs.  Before I even started walking towards him I could smell the alcohol on his breath. I sat down right next to him. He didn't even move or anything. "Blain? Are you ok?" I asked him trying to make him talk.

"I'm sorry about, e-earlier, I just was made that you h-had f-feelings for him." He said, sounding very drunk. "It's ok Blain." I said hugging him.

Right then Niall walked out of my bedroom,"Oh Blain, your here? It's good to see you." Before I knew it Blain had Niall pinned up against the wall and punching him in the face.I kept yelling, "BLAIN!STOP BLAIN!!" Liam came running up stairs and grabbed Blain and held him back. Niall had blood streaming down his face, coming from his nose. "Niall, are you ok?" I hugged him and took him into the bathroom. Blain came running after Niall, but I closed the door and locked it before he could get him.

I ran up to Niall and grabbed and hugged him, "I'm so sorry about that!" I said into his chest. I got a towel and wetted and started wiping the blood off his face. I heard a door slam coming from the front door. I got up and opened the bathroom door and I saw Harry standing there. "Is Niall ok?" I walked out of the bathroom and shut the door. "yeah he's fine, did Blain leave?" I asked, being soo angry that Blain did that. "Yeah he left and he started crying." Harry confessed. I rolled my eyes and went back into the bathroom with Niall.

"He's gone." I said sitting on the edge of the bathtub, next to Niall. "Did you get all the blood off?" I asked. "Yeah but my nose still hurts." I looked at his nose when he turned to me. Its was bruised. " It looks really bad." I said not meaning it in a bad way. "Really?" he asked. I nodded my head and headed for down stairs. I told the boys they could leave if the wanted.

"I'll stay with you, if thats ok?" Niall said walking down the staircase. "yeah, it's fine."

After that, all of the other boys left and me and Niall headed up to the bedroom. We layed down and just didn't realy say anything until Niall spoke up and said, "why did he hit me? was it because of that fight you were talking cbout earlier?" Looked at him, well to be honest I was looking at his nose."Yeah, he hit you because I told him you and me kissed, and after you left the park today," I really didn't want to say it but, "Blain kissed me." Niall's mouth droped and was speechless."And I kissed him, back" I added.

"Do you have feelings for Blain?" Niall asked. " Well, yes, but I have feelings for you too, and my feelings for you are much more that mine for blain." He didn't look at me but he said, "oh"

Oh, he can't tell me that he at least he feels the same way about me. I wish that hadn't came here and visit now. I mean I'm mad at Blain for hitting Niall, but Blains been my friend long than I've know Niall.So I really can't loose Blain.

I looked over at Niall and he was already asleep. As that I tried going to sleep myself. But then I remembered I have to go to work tomorrow. Blah!

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