Stole My Heart...One Step At A Time.

Nicole Stevens, an ordinary girl, shes had a horrible past, with boys, her mother dying, also a sister she never got to meet. But will a boy from a famous boy band change it all? Will he help her to stop hurting herself? Or will it just cause more pain? Will she even give him a chance? Or maybe will she get her dream come true? Even a career ahead of her life? Read more to find out!(:


7. Whats he up too?

Later that night once we ate the pizza and Harry and Layna decided to koin us we all wanted to watc a film. 
"Toy Story 3!" Liam shouted.
"We have watched that like one hundred times now!" Niall argued. 
"I like Grease!" Louis said. 
All the boys shook their heads. I tried to think of a good movie for us all to watch..
"How about The Lion King?" I asked.
"Yeahh!!" They all yelled. I smiled, that was my all time favorite was special to me. It was also my mothers favorite.  I grabbed the disc and put it in and pressed play. By the I rearranged my couch to look like a bed up to 4 people ould all lay down on it, but all 7 of us managed. I layed down all the way to the right and Zayn was sitting net to me. The boys were sitting. Layna and Harry were sitting next to each other and you could hear them giggling throughout the movie. I started to tear up when Mufasa died. Zayn looked at me laughed quietly. I looked up at him,
"What?" I asked.
"You are crying over a cartoon, its cute." He said smiling. 
"I  cry over every sad movie, trust me." I said smling back. He then grabbed my hand and intertwined his fingers into mine. I looked down at them and smiled and he seen me too. I looked back and watched the movie. When it was all over the boys zombie walked up stairs and Layna stayed with me. I wish Zayn would have stayed. I wanted to sleep in his arms like last night.
"Can you believe this, Nicole? We have always dreamed about just going to a concert and now look at where we are at. Its unbelieveable!" She said in complete darkness.
"I know! They are such great guys. I feel like Ive known them forever. They are like bestfriends to me."  
"What bout you and Zayn huh? I think he likes you!" She said with all enthusiasm.
"Me? Why would he like me?  Im no model. I dont wear loads of makeup, I dont have the prettiest face. He has loads of pretty girls throwing themselves at him and Im just here. I highly doubt that he likes me." I said with a sigh. She must have fallen asleep because there was no reply. And I couldnt surely sleep. I stayed awake for about 10 more minutes till I hear someone come downstairs. It was Zayn. He came and layed next to me. 
"What are you doing?" I asked laughing. He didnt expect me to be up because he jumped. 
"Niall was snoring and I um wanted to come down here, you dont mind do you?" He asked. 
"Of course not come on!" I said and moved my blanket so he could have some. He layed next to me and it was a little awkward at first. But then I turned to face him and closed my eyes and he snaked his arm around my waist. 

Next morning I woke up with no arms around me. I was slightly disappointed, but then I heard talking and kept my eyes closed to listen.

"I dont know, should I ask? What if she says no." I heard Zayn say.
"Lad, she likes you. And you obviously like her. Just ask her!" Liam answered. I then started to get worried because what if Zayn was talking about another girl. I didnt want to hear her name so I turned and stretched and they stopped talking. I opened my eyes slightly. 
"Good morning sleeping beauty!" Zayn said then kissed my forehead. Aww. He was so sweet. I smiled.
"Good mornin!" I said with a smile. I sat up but still rested. I didnt feel like getting up just yet. Then Harry and Layna come from the kitchen.
"Breakfast anyone?" Harry asked. Layna smiled.
"Me and Harry cooked French Toast!" She smiled at him. God I bet they were going to be dating by the end of the week. They were cute together though. Everyone got up but I really didnt want to move. 
"Are you coming?" Zayn asked and raised his eyebrow.
"I dont feel like moving!" I complained and then close my eyes. Then I felt someone pick me up bridal style. I laughed. 
"I was just kidding." I told him.
He just shrugged and walked into the kitchen and sat me down into a chair and he sat next to me. Everyone was staring. 
"What?" I asked.
"Ohh nothing." They all seemed to mutter. I laughed then looked at Zayn he smiled and gave me the 'I dont know' look.  

After breakfast I went to go shower and get dressed. I just wore some regular dark shorts, a white cami ad a blue lace button down tank top. I left my hair natural..which was curly. Everyoned seemed to be in line for the shower. Oops. I sat down and just was going through my phone. 
Then I see a note on the table. 
"I went out to the grocery store for a bit I'll be back soon. xx Zayn." I smiled. Was it for me? Or for everyone? I shrugged. What could he be buying...?

Zayns P.O.V

I went to the local Wal-Mart to buy things for my date with Nicole tonight. I was planning a picnic at midnight, under the stars sorta thing. What if she wants to be friends? Dammit! Why didnt I asked her before I left? Should I text her? No. That would be un gentlemen like. Should I still go through it? Yes. Just have Louis tell her theres a surprise and he could take her here. And if she doesnt feel the same then we can sit under the stars like best friends. Lets just hope she does.

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