Stole My Heart...One Step At A Time.

Nicole Stevens, an ordinary girl, shes had a horrible past, with boys, her mother dying, also a sister she never got to meet. But will a boy from a famous boy band change it all? Will he help her to stop hurting herself? Or will it just cause more pain? Will she even give him a chance? Or maybe will she get her dream come true? Even a career ahead of her life? Read more to find out!(:


4. Uh-oh.

 Layna was already in my room, in my cabin that I was in, by time I was done getting ready. I looked in the mirror, I actually smiled at myself. I thought I looked pretty,for once. My outfit was kinda Cher Lloyd based. I had ripped skinny jeans that were light coloered blue mixed with white, that was tucked in high heeled boots. I had a plain white t-shirt that was v neck. Which you could barely see with my black scarf and black lether cut off jacket. My hair was in bouncy curls and I had winged eyeliner with grey eyeshadow. I thought I should get dolled up for a concert, ehh? Layna had a flowy navy dress and had her hair striaght. She had straight light brown hair and also had glasses. We had very different style in clothes if you couldntt tell. 

"You ready?" I ask as I grabbed my phone and put it in my black clutch, then walked out to go to the boys' cabin. 
"Ready as can be!"
"Wait, Lets set some ground rules." I said stopping dead in my traks to turn around to face her. 
"One, dont scream. Two, dont jump up and down like you won the lottery. Three dont attack them. Talk to them like you would to your best friend. If you dont follow these rules..I'll slap you." I said looking at her sternly. I really hope she didnt ruin this, I was just becoming close with them.
"Fine, but can I at least hug them?" She asked hopefully.
"Ugh..fine. But gentle...they arent made of steel." I smiled then walked up to their cabin knocking on the door.  
 Zayn answered and smiled at me then he dropped his gaze and looked up at me..basically checking me out. I blushed and smiled giving him a hug. He let us inside and I gave them all hugs. 

"Guys this is my cousin..Layna."
"Hi Layna!" They chorused. Then all giving her hugs. She was about to jump and just blow it like a rocket ship.

She walked up to me, "NIKKI I JUST GOT A HORAN HUG. OMG OMG." She siad to me. They all heard and started looking at each other awkwardly. I put my hand over my face in embarressment. Really Layna?! I thought she would know not to fan girl in front of them. They all seen and laughed quietly, while Harry put his hand on my back, "Its okay, love." He said I looked up and smiled.

"Well, lets get this show on the road shall we?" Liam said as the limo pulled up. A limo really? SO much for making it private but whatever..I love limos!! We all walked out and into the limo.  I sat in between Zayn and Louis. And Layna was with Niall and Harry..Liam was next to Louis.

**In the middle of the concert.** (A/N sorry didnt want to put useless info in there.;3 I couldnt think of anything exciting till this part!) 

 The boys were so great in concert! Me and Layna were right behind stage watching them. Perfect seat if you asked me. Right now they were answering twitter questions.

"Do you have a best friend of the band or a lil brother or sister for the band?" Harry read from the board. Harry looked at the boys then looked my way. Oh god. I really dont want to go out there. But was I really a best friend or little sister to the band? Already? Its only been 2 days. 

"I think we could all say we have one, shes actually here right now with us.." Harry continued, oh god. 

"Yes and she is a very lovey girl and has already helped all of us out alot even though we have just met recentley. Louis finished.

"I think we should have her come out." Niall said, oh god I want to kill him right about now. He could see my face and he started laughing.

"Come on Nicole!" Zayn said. Then Harry came to get me, I tried to refuse but he was really strong. He walked me out stage and god, I wanted to faint. there was sooo many people. 
"Say hi Nicole, to our lovely fans!" Aww they were so sweet to their fans. 
"Uhm..Hi everyone!" I said with a smile into Harrys mic. Then I went around to give all the boys a hug. Then all of a sudden Zayn comes under me to lift me up on his shoulders. I screamed in frieght. Even thought they couldnt barely hear me with all the other screams. I was holding onto Zayns hands so tight Im suprised he didnt let go..if he could have. 
"Ohh seems like we have twitter questions for Nicole!" Liam said. 
"How did you meet the boys?" Niall read. I looked down at Zayn. 
"You are going to have to put me down to answer these y'know!" I said..more like yelled. I didnt think he heard me but he did, putting me down gently. I used Harrys mic again and but whispered in his ear first..just so he could hear me. 
"You dont want me to tell them about the campground do you? It will kinda blow your cover," I said he nodded. Well looks like Im going to have to make something up.
"Well, um, I bumped into them.."
"At Starbucks!" Harry yelled into the mic. 

"Yepp then they spilt my drink over me and helped me and we have talked ever since," I said.

"Well thanks for making us look like the bad guys!"Zayn said. Everyone laughed..including me.

"Alright next question..Nicole, if you could date one of the boys who would it be?" Harry read then smiled cheekily. Shit. Im not saying Zayn, No way. Im not saying anyone.
 "Well..I kinda just met them so yeah..I cant answer that one right now." I said nervously. 
"Ohh come on! Im sure there someone in mind." Louis said.
"Its mee." Harry said then put his arm around my shoulder.
"I don't have one! Really." I said hoping that could be the end of it. 
Thank god it was.
"Fine, if you wont tell us we will just have to figure out later." Zayn said then winked. God if he only knew. I then gave them all thier hugs. "I hope you are feeling better, Lou." I said to him. Then walked off.

After the concert and after they all showered, I had Layna take pictures off my iPhone of me and the boys..then one of us all individually..then Zayn wanted an extra with me on his shoulders. That still wasnt the end of a great night.  

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