Stole My Heart...One Step At A Time.

Nicole Stevens, an ordinary girl, shes had a horrible past, with boys, her mother dying, also a sister she never got to meet. But will a boy from a famous boy band change it all? Will he help her to stop hurting herself? Or will it just cause more pain? Will she even give him a chance? Or maybe will she get her dream come true? Even a career ahead of her life? Read more to find out!(:


23. Not What You Expected.

"Nicole, you're on in 5." The stage hand told me. I nodded and took a gulp of water. I was so damn nervous. I looked at myself in the mirror. I approved; I had dark black skinny jeans on with high heeled boots, then for my shirt I had a cropped galaxy shrt on with my hair in bouncy curls. I took a deep breath a Zayn came in.
"You seem really nervous." He said laughing, I norrowed my eyes at him and he took the smile off his face.
"Not funny. I really am! What if they dont like me? What if I screw up alot just because of my nerves?" I told him, pacing back and forth. He grabbed me, looked me in the eyes and kissed me. He pulled away. 
"Feeling better now?" He asked and smirked. I smiled back.
"Yes for now." I replied then got out of his grip I was sweating so bad. Lord help me.
"Nicole, 2 minutes get on stage left!" The stage hand came in again. Oh god. My eyes widened and I looked at Zayn.
"Come on, I'll come with you." He said and we both walked out. I got a peek of the crowd and I almost fainted. There were thousands and thousands of people! 
"Zayn?" I asked still looked at the crowd.
"Sing Beautiful People with me! Please? We did that really well and that will help my nerves for the first song." I pleaded. He looked unsure for a second. 
"I dont think I can Nicole..."
"PLEASE! Go ask or something!" I said batting my eyes. He laughed and walked away. Within 30 seconds he came back with 2 mics. I smiled at him.
"Alright you two, go up." The stagehand said. I really got to figure out his name. Me and Zayn walked out on the stage, I looked out and they were all screaming like they were about to be murdered or something. 
"Ello, loves!" Zayn said in the crowd, the screams got even louder. 
"Well, this is our lovely opening act, Nicole Stevens and my lovely girlfriend!" Zayn said and I looked wide eyed at him. We never really told people about us, officially and what if he gets in trouble? He put his arm around my waist and there were some screams but now alot of boos'. I looked at Zayn and he sighed. 
"Well, me and Nicole are going to sing Beautiful People by the lovely Cher Lloyd, hope you guys like!" He said and me and him both sat on the stool. We sang it perfectly. I was still nervous because now i know for sure these people wont like me. Zayn said I was his girlfriend and fans hate that. Once the song was over there were alot of screams! I was surprised but I was worried they were just for Zayn. He left stage and then it was all me. I did some covers, about 4. Once I was done, there were, once again, more boos' then screams. I felt like I wanted to cry. 
"Thank you, to everyone who is cheering for me! I really hope you guys liked it!" I said smiling then got off stage. Zayn shot me a sad look
"Nicole I didnt know that would happen!" He said to me putting his ear piece back him. I smiled at him, not showing my teeth though.
"No, its fine! Really." I said. I know he wasnt convinced but he had to get up on stage and this wasnt the time to argue about it. I pecked him for good luck and hugged the rest of the boys.
"Knock them dead boys!" I said to them fake smiling. I really wasnt happy. I mean who would be? Once they were on stage, I went into the back room and sat there on my phone and finally looked at my Twitter. I wanted to know what people were saying. I checked my mention and all I got was hate. Some, here and there said that I sang really good and the others are just mad because Im Zayns girlfriend. I was being called fat, a whore, ugly, unworthy, untalented, etc. Why were people saying this to me? I shrugged it off and sat there on the couch staring into space, day dreaming. 
Daydreaming about when my mom was still alive and how she could help me through all my problems. I wih she was still here, Icould really use her help right about now. 
I must have been staring too long because all 5 sweaty boys came into the room. 
"Nikki!" They all cherred, except for Zayn. I smiled back. 
"Hey guys! Its already over?" I asked, I really didnt want to miss the whole thing.
"Nahh, just a mini break." Niall said grabbing a bag of crisps. I looked at Zayn and he didnt seem happy.
"Zayn, what wrong?" I ask as he sat on the couch.
"You know what." He said running his hand through his hair.
"Zayn, Im fine, really! Its okay." I said sitting next to him, but he wouldnt budge.
"No its not. They shouldnt have done that too you! You are an amazing singer and is very talented. They just did because you are special to me!" He said, raising his voice. 
"Babe, its fine. Calm down." I said wrapping my arms around him. He put one hand over my shoulder. I wasnt going to let him know that it bothered me. He seemed really upset about this. 
"Boys, 2 mins." Paul came in and said. They all got up and got ready to go back out there. I pulled Zayn back and wrapped my arms around his neck.
"Knock em dead." I whispered and smiled to him. He laughed, I finally got to brighten up his mood!  followed them out to stay and watch the final 30 mins. And of course, they were amazing! Why couldnt they clap for me like that? It hurts when people boo you and for the wrong reason. I have no idea if Im good or not now, because apparently no one wants to hear me just becuase Im apart of Zayns life now. I wasnt going to tell Zayn how I felt about it, he seemed so mad and I didnt want to do that to him. Once they were all finished I got a big group hug by those 5 sweaty boys. 
"Ew, get off me!" I said laughing, I was already done being all sweaty and now I stink even more. 
"I think its time we go check in to the hotel, get our rooms and take showers, ya?" Niall suggested which wasnt a bad idea. We all nodded and went to go get our stuff in the tour bus. 

"How many rooms?" The lobby manager asked. 
"Um, 3please." Liam said giving her his card. There must be 2 beds per room then. 
Three, How is that going to work then..? Well I guess Layna and Harry same bed, then Louis in there. Me and Zayn Have our own room and then Liam and Niall. We all went up to our rooms, they were right next to each other and our luggage was already there. Dang those people are fast. Zayn unlocked the door and let me in first just like a gentlemen. I loved him for being so respectful. I honestly dont know what I would do, without him. I grabbed some clothes to sleep in and realized they were all dirty. 
"Zayn? Can I borrow something to sleep in, like a t-shirt or something?" I asked and he gave me his Obey t-shirt and some of his boxers.  I took my shower and he got in then came out while I was on the bed on my phone, he came and layed next to me. I smiled at him but he didnt give it back, I rolled my eyes. 
"Babe, please tell me you arent still upset about that?" I asked him.
"I am! They shouldnt have done that to you, just because you are apart of my life." He said grabbing my hand and staring at it. 
"I dont care." I stated looking at him.
"Yes you do." He said simply, still not looking at me.
"How do you know?"
"Because you wouldnt be looking at your Twitter mentions if you didnt." He said looking at me, I looked down at my phone and I was checking, just to see what people were saying about me. I sighed and exited out of Twitter. I tossed my phone onto the other end of the bed. 
"Im sorry Nicole." Zayn said, I looked at him confused.
"For what? Giving me an opputunity to follow me dream? Being the best boyfriend and best friend I could ever have? Letting me forget about my past and focus on what happeneing now? I wouldnt be sorry for that.." I said smiling slightly coming close to his face. I pecked him on the lips, when I came back his eyes were still closed. I smiled more. He opened them.
"Thats not funny." 
"I think so!" I said with a full smile now.  He then grabbed my neck and kissed me, I smiled in the kiss. I tried pulling back but he wasnt letting me. Then someone knocked on the door very loudly, Zayn pulled back and groaned. He got up to go answer it and Liam came in.
"BRAXTONS COMING TO VISIT!" He screamed with the biggest smile on his face. 

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