Stole My Heart...One Step At A Time.

Nicole Stevens, an ordinary girl, shes had a horrible past, with boys, her mother dying, also a sister she never got to meet. But will a boy from a famous boy band change it all? Will he help her to stop hurting herself? Or will it just cause more pain? Will she even give him a chance? Or maybe will she get her dream come true? Even a career ahead of her life? Read more to find out!(:


21. Making Up? Not Quite.


Nikki's P.O.V 

"What the hell are you yelling at me for?!" I yelled at Zayn. Staring at me with wide eyes and notrils flaring.  

"I DONT KNOW. FIRST YOU DONT TELL ME WHATS UP WITH YOU AND LOUIS, THEN I SEE YOU AND HARRY CLOSE TO EACH OTHER IN THESE PICTURES." He yelled at me. everyone was staring at us, since he woke up this morning and seen it. Even Louis. He looked up when his name was called. He was silent though and just eating breakfast. Being quiet like usual. I was on the verge of tears. I cry when I get mad. Always have. I stood there. Knowing that Harry was with me because of Louis. We were on our way. I couldn't storm out anywhere.I walked away to the lounge room and sat on the couch. Sadly, he followed. 

"I kinda wanted an answer!" He yelled at me again. I didnt look at him. Finaly the first tear came down. I stared at the tv.  

"I dont have one." I whispered. He sighed.  

"So, you arent going to tell me. You are just getting all cozy with everyone in the band. Thats just great.." He said, I looked at him full of anger.  

"Are you accusing me of cheating on you?! WITH TWO OTHER PEOPLE? PEOPLE, IN THE SAME BUS AS US? YOUR BEST FRIENDS? You have got to be kidding me." I said standing up and getting in his face. He wouldnt even look at me.  

"Go to hell." I said in his face. I walked in the bed and pulled the curtain. I cryed for what seemed like hours. Someone pulled opened the curtain and I looked up and it was Louis. Shocker.  

"Can we talk?" He said with his voice cracking. Has he really been crying the whole night? I looked at him. He came in and shut the curtain. This wasnt the biggest place in the world. I sat up criss-crossed and he did the same across of me. My hair was sticking to my face and I looked like a panda bear since my makeup was all down my eyes. Louis moved all my hair out of my face and wiped my eyes. I sniffled.  

"Im sorry, I should have never told you that i had feelings for you. It brought stress to you and I know how you cant handle stress." He said then grabbed my wrist to rub my scars. If I was in my normal mood, I would have jsut rolled my eyes but i just looked down.  

"You dont have to be sorry, Lou." I said weakly.  

"You wouldnt have fought with Zayn if this wasnt for me." He said, I still never met his gaze. I know he was tryingto get me to look at him but I couldnt. I just shook my head. He still was rubbing my wrists.  

"Nicole, please look at me. I want you to know how bad i feel for messing up your relationship." He said. I met his gaze and we both had the same exspression; broken. I went over to his lap and cuddled into his chest. I sniffled and so did he.  

"Lou, can I ask you something?"  

"Hm?" He said putting his hand on my shoulder and rubbing it.  

"We are still best friends right?" I asked. 

"Of course." I could hear a smile in that sentance. I smiled but then it was gone again.  

"One more thing, why did you cry?"  

"Because I felt bad for hurting someone I care about. I knew telling you did no good. Then having you needing to talk to someone, which I was too stubborn too. I knew you would talk to someone. But I didnt know if it would be Zayn or not. But once the pictures of you and Harry came out I knew that was why, He was just being friendly. Zayn took it the wrong way. I honestly don't know why he just didn't talk to you first, but that's Zayn." He finished. I turned and looked up to him and smiled. I hugged him. 
"Louis you are the best best friend ever." I said as I was still hugging him, he hugged me back. We both let go and then Louis said something that shocked me;
"I have to tell him, Nikki." I looked at him with wide eyes. 
"Are you sure?" I asked. I didnt really think this was a good idea. He nodded.
"I have to, hes one of my best mates I cant hide it." He said and we both got up. We both walked to the lounge room and saw Harry and Zayn fighting. Well more like arguing.  
"Why was she talking to you, Harry?! You too seemed awful close!" Zayn yelled at him. Shit. 
"She isnt cheating on you! You must not knoW how much she needs you. Because you are being stupid! And you KNOW this is just stressing her out even more!" Harry yelled back louder sticking up for me. Me and Louis stood back so they couldnt see us. 
"I dont know anything now! I thought we were all good till this all happened." Zayn said. 
"Why wont you understand it was NOTHING." Harry said then it was silent. Seems like Zayn Malik was put on hush mode. I ran out there and hugged Harry. He was shocked then hugged me back. 
"Oh, so come out and hug him in front of me that helps." Zayn said.
"No, Im hugging him because he isnt being a dumb ass like you!" I said to him crying again. I swear you would think they would run out. He just looked at me. Louis just walked in. 
"Zayn, I need to talk to you." He said. 
Once Louis explained everything and Harry agreed, Zayn looked at me and  looked like he had tears in his eyes. 
"Nicole Im-" I cut him off.
"No, you are an asshole. Dont EVEN try saying sorry now. You should know how much I care for you. You were the ONLY thing that made me not think about everything in my past, make me stop harming myself. But now, you are the one making me more reasons too!" I said to him, Harrys gripped tightened. I walked out to the kitchen. I havent ate all day. I just grabbed and apple and say Niall and Liam talking and eating. They looked at me and had sad exspressinos on their faces.
"You guys dot have to feel sorry for me, Im fine really." i said beforing sniffling and biting into the apple.  
"No you arent. And you know it." Liam said. I looked at him and he hugged me. I broke down into his arms. I let go.
"Sorry about your shirt." I said looking at the stains. He smiled.
"Its fine." He said. Then his phone started ringing, he looked up at me. 
"Its Braxton." He said I laughed.
"Go ahead go nswer it!" I said to him. I sat at the table next to Niall.
"It will be alright, really." He said to me. I continued to eat my apple. I didnt really think it was going to at this point.  

Its now midnight. I havent talked to Zayn all day. Everyone is asleep in their beds and Im out in the lounge watching late night tv and the carton of ice cream that was in the fridge. Then Louis walked in and sat next to me. He game me a look.
"Im not talking to him." I stated. He sighed.
"Nikki, he feels really bad. He understands now. He was just being a protective lad. Plus you werent telling him anything, so he didnt know what to think. The poor lad is crying in his bed, he still isnt asleep." He said, I looked at him. 
"I dont care, he should trust me." 
"No, Louis! He knows how much I care for him. He KNOWS that. Or should anyway. No one can understand if they have been in my situation. I thought i wouldnt have problems with him like in the past. He seemed different. I mean i knew we would have lil issues. No one is perfect, but me cheating? He knows how much I hate that and how much it has been done to me, why would I do it? I wouldnt." I said, cutting him off. He just looked at me.
"Will you eventually talk to him? Maybe tomorrow?" He asked. 
"Maybe, tomorrow." I said. There was about 5 minutes of silence. He smiled at me. 
"What?" I asked. 
"Oh my god! Look!" He said pointing the other way, then he took my carton of ice cream, took my spoon and started eating it.
"Lou, give me my ice cream!" I said laughing.
"Actually this is Nialls and once he find out..." He trailed off pointing his fingers at me. I narrowed my eyes at him. 
"I think he will recover." I said. He laughed. 
"Fine, but not until you smile, like you mean it!" He said. I sighed. What was there to smiled about at a time like this? I smiled at him.
"Not good enough." I groaned.
"Im not happy! How am I suppose to smile?" I asked.
"What if i told you a joke?" He asked. This should be good. I nodded.
"Someone just said you sounded like an owl." He said. Wait, what? 
"Who?" I asked then he started cracking up laughing. Oh my god. I cant believe I fell for that. I smiled and started to laugh. 
"HA! Even got a bonus for laughing." He said handing me back the ice cream. I shook my head.
"You are ridiculouis." I said to him shaking me head. He just shrugged. 
"You still love me though." He said. I nodded, hoping it would get awkward.
"Now Im going to go back to bed, you get some sleep too young lady!" He said hugging me.
"Alright, goodnight Lou." 
"Goodnight, love."  


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