Stole My Heart...One Step At A Time.

Nicole Stevens, an ordinary girl, shes had a horrible past, with boys, her mother dying, also a sister she never got to meet. But will a boy from a famous boy band change it all? Will he help her to stop hurting herself? Or will it just cause more pain? Will she even give him a chance? Or maybe will she get her dream come true? Even a career ahead of her life? Read more to find out!(:


19. Making the Cut.

Nikki's P.O.V
 "Nicole, Nicole, wake up." I heard and I turned over. 
"Go, away. I mumbled. 
"Nicole...something Stevens get your ass up." Louis said. 
"What is your middle name?" He asked. 
"Anne." I said ten put my blanket over my face. 
"Aww, that's pretty." He said, I removed the blanket and looked at him like he was crazy. He looked away then walked out. I groaned. I got up and walked to the bathroom. I took a shower then blow dried and straightened my hair. I went to my closet and just grabbed a beige sleeveless collared shirt and black skinny jeans. I wasn't dressing up, I mean I just had to go sing a song then get his opinion. That's when my nerves came again, since I reminded myself what i had to go do. Okay, maybe I will look more dressy. I put on some makeup, a little bit more. Then grabbed my black wedges. I ran my fingers through my hair as Zayn came in. My suit cases were already in the car. He came up to me and kissed me.
"You will do great, I know you will. Promise." He said to me. I sighed. 
"I hope so." He smiled,
"Come on, Harry made breakfast." He said and we walked hand in hand down stairs into the kitchen. 
"Mmmmm, blueberry waffles?" I said smiling. Harry nodded. I walked up to him.  
"Hey there Hazza!" I said smiling and he side-hugged me. 
"Goodmornin! Nervous?"  Harry asked, which is strange because ever since him and Layna have been a thing we rarely talk. I smiled and nodded
"Very." I said grabbing a plate, he put 2 big waffles on my plate.
"I only want one here take this." I said, and put it back on the platter. 
"DO YOU NOT LIKE MY COOKING?!" He said which I laughed. I was going to say something but her interrupted,
"GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN." I laughed even more.
"Harry, your cooking is fantastic, just don't know if I could keep it down." I said, which was true. My nerves were shot. He nodded and I picked up my waffle and ate it. I hate syrup on waffles. 
"Thats very lady like." Zayn added, I smirked and nodded. 
"And I though Niall was a horrible eater." Liam added.
"Hey! I just hate syrup, why use a fork and knife, if you could just use your hands?" I said. 
"Shes always been like that." Layna said. I stuck my tongue at her and she did the same. I smiled and I was sitting on the island while everyone else was at the table. Once everyone was done, it was time to go. I sighed loudly and Zayn was by my side. as we left. I locked the doors and went into the big van that all of us could fit in. It looked like a big creeper van if you asked me. 
"What are you going to sing?" Niall asked me, which who was on my right, Zayn on my left. In front of us was Harry,Layna then Liam. Then Paul, their security guard was driving with Louis up in the passenger seat. I shrugged, 
"To be honest I dont know." I said. Then I groaned. 
"Im so stupid." I whispered to myself.
"No you arent." Zayn said I smiled at him as I grabbed my iPod to go to my music. I started to skim through it.
"What about I Wont Give Up by Jason Mraz? That kinda fits your style, kinda?" Harry said turning to look at me. I smiled. I loved that song!
"Okay! I love that song. I put my head phones in and played the song and sang it to myself quietly till we got there. I took them out as we got there 10 minutes.  Everyone went in with me.Even Paul, who I met earlier. He seemed like a cool guy. We went into a room, which I was presuming was Simons office. 
"Ahh, my boys!" He said and all the boys screamed 'Uncle Simon!' and gave their hugs. Me and Layne stood there awkwardly and gave eachother glances. 
"Now which one is Nicole and Im guessing Zayn's girlfriend?" He said putting his hands together. 
"That would be me!" I said, laughing nervously. 
"No wonder why Zayn likes you." He said and gave Zayn a look. Oh god, Who knew Simon Cowell could be cheeky? I smiled and blushed. 
"Should we get to it then?" He said and walked out. Everyone followed.
"See, already made a good impression just by showing your beautiful face." Zayn whispered and I blushed, yet again. But this whole thing was over I was going to walking out looking a tomato. We walked into a small room which was a recording studio. 
"Alright, lets make this fast and painless. Nicole, go in their, put the headphones on and give me your best." He said, smiling. Well at least he wnated to get this done, like i did. I took a deep breath and went inside and put the headphones on. Simon nodded at me for to go and I started, nervously and quietly. But by the chorus i was giving it my all. I finished the song and took my headphones off and walked out. I was breathing heavy from being nervous. Zayn hugged me. 
"That was just as amazing as last time, wish I could have sang with you though!" He said in my ear as he hugged my, I smiled. Once we let go I looked at everyone else and they were smiling, guessing I did good.I looked at Simon who was thinking. 
"Hm, very nervous in the beginning.." He said. Shit. Oh no. 
"But once you got the hang of it, I would say you are bloody amazing. You could go far, with that kidn of talent you know." He continued, I was smiling like the chesire cat from Alice and Wonderland now.  
"You can go on tour with the boys as their opening act. Which Im guessing you dont write songs have you?" He asked, I shook my head.
"Ive never really tried, never had any inspiration or anything." I answered and he nodded. 
"Well then you will be doing covers, which I would suggest doing that song you just sang because it was brilliant, now come with me and let me get you signed." He said and I smiled again. I followed him and signed the contracts and such. I was the only one who came in which Im guessing everyone else was waiting outside. 
I walked out and there was a large tour bus in front of the building. Where was everyone? Then, I hear the screams and see everyone run out of the building. 
"NICOLE!!!" They all said and I was then attacked on the hard sement, which hurt like hell. I just got dog piled by 6 people. 
"You know, being attacked on sement is not fun. Get the hell off!" I said and everyone got off and frowned probably thinking I was angry. It just hurt like hell. I got up. And smilied.
"Okay, now one by one can hug me." I said then they all came at me again. But we didnt fall this time. Which I was thankful for. I laughed. I love these guys. When everyone let go Zayn came at me again and kissed me. 
"Told you." He said smiling.  I shook my head and then took off. 
"Last one on the bus is a rotten egg!" I said like a child and was the first on the bus. Niall was last.
"Aw, poor snowflake. Its okay, you are still food yeah?" I said to him and ruffled his hair. I then got a chance to look around. This tour bus was awesome! I mean right y=when you walk in there is the kitchen and the booth to sit at. You keep walking and there are the 6 beds. Walk a little farther theres a bathroom on your right, then the lounge area. Where there is a red leather couch and a flatscreen tv and a PS3. 
"Damn, you famous people get it all." I said laughing. 
"Trust me you will be getting this soon enough." Louis said as he came up behind me. I smiled and ignored his comment. 
"We need to get you a girl, Lou." I said smiling as I sat on the couch and he came and sat next to me. 
"No we dont." He said looking down. 
"Come on! You are my best friend, I got Liam a girl." I pleaded. 
"I dont want a girlfriend right now, my hearts been broken twice now." He said still looking down. 
"Twice? Who was the other one?" I asked putting my hand on his shoulder. 
"You." He said quietly.
"Me?" I said a little bit too loud. 
"Shh!" He said and looked up to me.
"How?" I asked. 
"Well, when you first met us, you were caring when me and Eleanor split up. I started to like you more and more..from the start i always thought you were gorgeous but then you and Zayn started to talk and I knew i had no chance." He said, it was silent for a moment and I honestly didnt know what to say. I was speechless. 
"Louis, I.."
"Just nevermind." He said then got up.
What the hell just happened? 

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