Stole My Heart...One Step At A Time.

Nicole Stevens, an ordinary girl, shes had a horrible past, with boys, her mother dying, also a sister she never got to meet. But will a boy from a famous boy band change it all? Will he help her to stop hurting herself? Or will it just cause more pain? Will she even give him a chance? Or maybe will she get her dream come true? Even a career ahead of her life? Read more to find out!(:


18. Last Date at Home.

Nikkis P.O.V
Those words sank deep into my heart. I mean, Im glad he wasnt rushing it, trust me. Last thing I needed. But they still hurt you know. I gave him a smile and pecked him on the lips and held it there a second longer. I pulled back and he laughed, confusingly if I may add. 
"What was that for?" He asked, I giggled.
"Well two reasons. One, you were honest and told me how you really felt. And two, Im glad you arent feeling like you have to be rushed in this relationship." 
He let out a sigh in relief. "Good, I didnt want you to get upset or anything." I shook my head.
"No, when it comes to that stuff, I want you to be honest." I smiled and we kissed again. But then it turned into a make-out session. Things got pretty heated. I ran my hands through his hair while his hand was on my waist. We both pulled back, out of breath. I smiled. 
"We should go on a date tonight, to celebrate our last night here for a while." He said. 
"Yeah, but where too?" I asked. 
"Well, why dont we get dressed up and go to a fancy dinner, yeah?" He said smiling. I nodded. Sounded fun, we havent had a fancy date yet.  
"Hey you guys, OH GOD IM SO SORRY." Well, Liam just opened the door, then apologized. Lil innocent Liam. I laughed and Zayn got off of me. I went to the door to open it to Liam standing there waiting patiently. 
"Liam, its okay we werent doing anything." I said laughing. 
"Right, well, still sorry. But uhm I just wanted to thank you." He said.
"For what?"
"For introducing me to Braxton! Shes amazing. I promised her that everynight on tour we are going to Skype since she wont be there. And Im going to meet up with her tonight. So I need you to help me pick out an outfit, please Nicole?" He said pouting out his lip, I laughed. 
"Sure thing, Liam, hold on a sec." I said then went bak into the room to Zayn.
"I have to help Liam find an outfit for his and Braxtons date tonight, so Im going to have to wait a sec to start getting ready, okay babe?" I said pecking him on the cheek. He nodded then I walked to wear Liam's clothes were. 
"Alright, first off, where are you guys going?" I asked him.
"I was thinking, going to the Carnival tonight. There is going to be fireworks late in the night and that will be fun. She likes rides, right?" He asked nervously. Poor Li. He so nervous. I laughed to myself.
"Yes Liam. Now, relax. She really likes you."
"You think so?"
"I know so." I said then winked at him. I walked to his closet. Hmm what should Liam wear? I picked out some tan chinos, black sneakers and a red v-neck shirt. I threw it out on the bed.
"What about this? Casual, yet not to plain y'know?" He nodded looking at my choices. He came up and hugged me. 
"Thank you!Thank you! thank you!" He said like a 5 year old. I laughed.
"God, Li, you must really like her." 
"Im starting too." He said then smiled. I didnt give him the whole 'break her heart, I'll break your face' lecture because Liams a sweetheart and he wouldnt do anything like that. I laughed and then walked out. I went to my room and Zayn was alying on my bed, watching tv.
"Mr.Malik, you are gonna have to leave if you want me to get ready." I said smirking. He laughed and got up. 
"Alright, I'll go get some reservations,get ready and get my hair styled to perfection." He said with his head held up high. 
"If you take longer then mr I wouldnt be surprised." I said, then winked. He glared at me.
"You are lucky we have to go on a date tonight, or I would torture you and tickle you to death." He said walking out I laughed. 
Then did the normal shower routine, I left my robe on and did my makeup, a little bit extra since it was a date. Then started to curl my hair. Once I was done, I had about 20 mins to find an outfit and accsessorize. I picked out a balck and sparkly dress. With some black platforms and a lace clutch. I also put some feather earrings on and a cross double ring. Once I was done I walked downstairs. And honestly everyone was looking at me. I was about to go up stairs. I felt un comfortable. 
"Dashing, love!" Louis said, which made me blush.  
"Wheres Zayn?" I asked.
"Still upstairs, he kinda had trouble with reservations." Layna said. 
"Awe, well he could have just came up and told me we couldnt go! I really wouldnt have minded." 
"Nah, this date is too important for Zayn." Niall said. I smiled. I walked into the kitchen where Liam was.
" Wow, Nicole you look great! You and Zayn going somewhere fancy huh?" He said smirking. I nodded.
"Yeah, this is our first fancy date." I said proudly. Then I heard someone whistle and I turned around and seen Zayn in a suit. A tie and everything! He looked...amazing. He usually laways does but woah. All I can say.
"Nicole, you look absolutley gorgeous." He said walking up to me and snakng his arm around my waist and pecking me on the lips. I smiled into the kiss. 
"Alright I got to go pick up my beautiful date!" Liam says and walks out. I laughed and me and Zayn followed.
The car ride was silent. Not awkward though, comfortable silence. Just our hands interlocked with eachother. When we got there, heopened up thedoor for me, like a gentlemen. I walked in with him and the restaurant was so fancy. It was Itlian so I couldnt pronounce it. Once we were seating and looking at the menu's I asked Zayn;
"Zayn are you sure you can afford this?" He looked dumb-founded,
"What?" I said.
"Do you not realize Im in one of the hottest boy bands right now and you are asking me if I can afford this?" He said laughing.  I blushed.
"I forget you are famous. I just know you as Zayn now. Not Zayn Malik from One Direction." I said looking at my menu, he wasnt saying anything so I looked up at him he was looking at me like I gave him a brand new car.
"Why are you looking at me like that?" I asked laughing..getting creeped out. 
"Because no girl ever says that! You know, Im cautious with fans as my girlfriends sometimes, thats why Ive never dated one. But you seemed different from the get-go. But that right there proved to me, that you are different then those money wanting fans." He said that sincerely. I was smiling the whole time.
"Zayn Im not one of those girls, trust me. In the eginning I was just shocked. I mean not every girl can say One Direction is staying at their camp site." I said laughing. He smiled and leaned over the table to kiss me. We got interrupted bu our rude waitress. She was fangirling over zayn the whole time. Me and Zayn got the same thing, Spaghetti. It was delicious! I finished all mine as did Zayn.
" Niall is going to be mad." I said.
"Because we arent going to have any left overs for him!" I said smiling. Then my phone started going off. i checked it and it was a text from Liam.
'Braxton is wonderful! We are having a great time. You were right! xxx.' I read it to Zayn too.
"You are just little matchmaker huh?" He said, I nodded proudly. 
"Now we just need Louis.."
"No, Nicole remember how he was with Eleanor?"
"Liam was the same way and now look he has Braxton." Zayn sighed in deafeat. I smirked. Im always right.  He smirked back. Then the waitress came back. 
"Would you guys want any dessert?  Even though some of you dont really needd it." She said the last part quietly but i heard it, because she looked at me as she said it, Zayn heard it too and he had anger built up. 
"At least Im not a waitress, where I have to ask people if they want dessert other than grabbing some for myself." I said. I glared at her and Zayn smiled. Wait, what? Why was he smiling? 
"Excuse me? " She said, completley stunned. I smiled as me and Zayn got up. Hee went up to the front table to go pay and we left happily. We both got in the car laughing. 
"I didnt know that could come out of you! Sassy Nicole." He said. 
"Well, thats how I used to be." 
"Well maybe Im bringing the old you back." He said and I thought about it. He was. He was my motivation. I need him now. I smiled.
"I dont want this night to end." I said looking at him as he grabbed my hand. 
"I dont either."
"Then what can we do this late at night?" i asked, since it was 10:30. 
"Well, I really dont think we should go anywhere since we have to get up at 7 tomorrow morning. We can just go home and relax?" He said and I nodded. As long as it was me and him, I didnt care.  

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