Stole My Heart...One Step At A Time.

Nicole Stevens, an ordinary girl, shes had a horrible past, with boys, her mother dying, also a sister she never got to meet. But will a boy from a famous boy band change it all? Will he help her to stop hurting herself? Or will it just cause more pain? Will she even give him a chance? Or maybe will she get her dream come true? Even a career ahead of her life? Read more to find out!(:


25. Hate.

Zayn's P.O.V

I was watching Nicole sleep. No, Im not a creeper. But I cant fall asleep and she looks so peaceful and its almost noon anyway. I smiled to myself thinking how lucky I am to have her in my life. I mean, what if I hadnt came and met her in time? She would have more cuts on her arms, maybe have even gone further. I couldnt imagine my life without her now, shes my everything. Im falling in love harder each time i take in her beauty. Shes beautiful, funny, honest, loyal, smart, witty, and is just plain amazing. Ive never explained my love torwards her, i going to soon though. Just to show her. Maybe after our concert we can go on a date and I'll tell her then.  

*Buzz buzz* 

"Shit." I murmmured and I hurried and grabbed my phone, hoping not to wake Nicole up. Sadly it did. I heard her toss and turn. All it was was an email. I ignored it and turned to look at her. She was looking at me and she instantly smiled. I leaned down and pecked her on the lips. 

"Goodafternoon babe." I said to her. She replied the same. 

"Oh my god!" She said and she ran to the bathroom. 

I ran after her. "What?" I asked.

"Braxton is coming today! I got to get ready." She said and I chuckled. 

"What?" She asked.

"I thought you were about to get sick or something!" She then smiled and closed the door. She took a shower and did her normal routine. Which surprisingly didnt take that long. An hour. Which is short for a girl I think. She came out dressed in jeans and a dark blue ruffled tank top with a dark grey cardigan over it. Her hair was wavy and no make. Just the way I think looks best. 

"You now, you look beautiful without any makeup?" I said to her and she huffed.

"Yeah, okay." She said. I looked at her and arched y brow. I made her look at me with my finger under her chin.

"You are, Nicole. Amazingly beautiful! Its amazes me." I said with a grin. 

"Well arent you just full of it today?" She said laughing. I smiled and kissed her. 

Nikki's P.O.V

"Liam, when is she getting here?" I asked him, walking into his room with Niall in there. 

"Oh, she wont get here till the middle of the concert, I got the arrangements and everything. She will be back stage." He said.

"Right the concert." I said with a sigh. I honestly didnt want to go back out there. No, Im not. Im not humiliating myself. 

"Something wrong?" He asked and I just shook my head and wlked out. I needed to talk to Louis.  knocked on the door. Louis opened it.

"Nikki!" He greeted with a hug. I hugged him back.

"Louis, ineed someone to talk to." I said while playing with my fingers. 

"Of course! Harry just went to the Lobby, probably to hook up or soemthing." He said and I smiled. I went and sat on the edge of his bed.

"So, whats up? Is it with Zayn?" He asked. i looked up at him.

"No, the concert.." I said. He sighed and put his hand on my back, reassuringly. 

"Nicole, they only booed you off because you are apart of our lives, you have talent. Everyone thinks so."

"I know, I know. Everyone keeps telling me that! But Im not going to go out there, when people dont want me too! I not going ot humiliate myself Lou, I wont, I cant." I said getting up and pacing the floor. He sighed. 

"Thats something you are going to have to talk to Simon about." He said getting up and giving e a hug. I nodded and smiled, said my goodbye and walked to my room. Zayn was in the shower. I hurried and called Simon before he got out.


"Simon, can I uh skip tonights concert?" I asked, nervously.

"Nicole, I cant have you do that! We need an opening act. I know what happened a couple days ago. But this is helping you only."

"Simon please. Why am I going to go out there? They dont want me. They boo me off. Im humiliating myself." I said into the phone, getting angry.

"Im sorry Nicole." He said and then click. I groaned and layed down ack on my bed angerly 

"I knew it bothered you!" Zayn said. I turned around. He sighed.

"This is horrible." He murmurred.  I really dont want him stressing. 

"I'll be fine babe, really." I said Rubbing his back. He looked up at me. 

"No you wont! You keep saying that! Why cant you admit that you're not?" He said to me, getting louder and mad. 

"Because I dont need sympathy! Im fine." I said louder back at him. Why did this have to start into an argument? 

"In the beginning youe even told me, that you are used to having a fake smile because you hate showing people you are sad. With me you can show me you are upset! Im here to help you through it. But you are just too damn stubborn to let anyone help you!" He yelled.  I am not stubborn. 

"Im not stubborn! Why are you getting so worked up over this? Its fine Zayn!" 

"No its not! Nicole, you need to let people know when you are upset! When you bottle it up like you do, you harm yourself. Which we both know is true!" He said. I was on the verge of tears then. Why did he have to bring tht up? I took a deep breath and just stopped arguing. I sat there on the bed. I just got on my phone and just ignored him. That put me over the edge to where I didnt want to speak anymore. He sighed and put his hand on his forehead. 

'Nicole, im sorry. i know I shouldnt have yelled at you. Its, just i hate seeing you like this. I dont want you to harm yourself again. Thats always my top priority. i care about you so much. I dont think you understand. You are beautiful, funny, smart, honest,loyal, witty, stubborn but amazing. I love you for all those reason and even a billion more if I thought about it hard enough. I want you to suceed in your career of pursuing your dream. I know you can go far." He said sitting down next to me. I looked up at him and my tears already vanished, with none escaping. He was looking right into my eyes, sincerely. I knew he meant it. I smiled at him. he pulled me onto his lap. 

"Its okay." I whispered to him. And we kissed, that sort of kiss you get butterflies from. The one that you dont want to stop, but have to because you cant breathe. We both pulled away, heavily breathing. We pressed our forheads together and stared at eachother. 

"I love you."  I said to him.

"I love you too."

"Forever and ever?" 

"Forever and ever."  

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