Stole My Heart...One Step At A Time.

Nicole Stevens, an ordinary girl, shes had a horrible past, with boys, her mother dying, also a sister she never got to meet. But will a boy from a famous boy band change it all? Will he help her to stop hurting herself? Or will it just cause more pain? Will she even give him a chance? Or maybe will she get her dream come true? Even a career ahead of her life? Read more to find out!(:


10. Harry & Layna

"I really dont feel like singing at 2am. Maybe tomorrow." I said looking at him then finally had a smile. My tears were dull. He smiled and wrapped me in a hug. We went down stairs and I saw Lanya and Harry having a full make-out session,
"WOAH WOAH WOAH!" I said coving my eyes I heard Zayn laughing behind me.
"Zayn hide me!" I said laughing he put his hand over my eyes. 
"Alrighty you guys enough." Zayn said laughing.

Laynas P.O.V

God dang it they had to ruin it! We had basically just started! 

**30 mins earlier**

"What do you think is wrong with her?" Harry asked.
"She was proabably thinking how she and Zayn wouldnt have a chance to date since he would be leaving." I said.
"What about me i feel offended?!" He said playfully looking hurt.
"Awe, its okay Hazz you have me!" I said smiling he then got up to sit next to me.
"At least I have someone." He said. 
"Layna?" He asked.
" Yess?"
"Would you, erm, like to go on a date with me tomorrow night? Maybe to a fancy dinner or somethin?" He asked and my stomache ws doing flips, I wanted to scream.
"Yes! Of course I would!" I exclaimed happily. Then we had our chit chat. Till he surprisingly kissed me and I kissed back. It then turned more passionate and we were making out. Ive never done thise before. Ive only had one other boyfriend. And me and him broke up becuse we just werent meant to be. But he wasnt like this. But from Harry, it seemed right.

Harrys P.O.V

Im kissing her.  I was so happy. She was so beautiful. I wanted to date her. I hope our date tomorrow goes well. But what if we leave and we havent found a solution to how we are going to work this out. Shit. I dont want to ditch her. I could never do that. I know Im the cheeky one but still. She was different. She seemed different. Tomorrow will go lovely. We were still kissing as I put my arm around her waist bringing her closer to me. 

"WOAH WOAH WOAH!" I heard Nikki say then me and Layna pulled apart quickly. Me and her both looked at each other anxiously. 
"Zayn hide me!" Nikki said again. I smiled at her immaturity. Well she must be feeling better. Of course it was Zayn. I know they are going to be dating by time we leave. 

Nikki's P.O.V

I looked at Layna. 
"Girl talk. Now!" I said smiling. I then pulled her upstairs. 
"Soo are you guys dating or what?!" I asked, very loudly if you ask me.
"No! But he did ask me out on a date for tomorrow night..." She smiled sheepishly. I laughed.
"Ooooo girl! Im doing your makeup, hair, picking out the outfit..." I got cut off.
"Hey this is my date not yours! I didnt even get to see your reaction to the picnic. Im very dissapointed!" 
"Im sorry. I didnt even know! And I didnt know till last minute that all of the boys were coming.." I said feeling guilty. She gave me a stern look then laughed. We both then went down stairs. I started to yawn. 
"Alright everyone make room. I dont care if you still stay but get out of my way!" I said laughing. I was getting tired it had to be close to 3 am. I was there all the way to the edge. Louis, Niall, and Liam got up to go to bed.
"Im bushed, goodnight!" Louis said. I just layed there. 
"Harry..arent you coming? I want to cuddle!" Louis said, I started laughing. Harry blushed. He must be embarresed in front of Layna.
"No, boobear. Maybe in a little while." He said trying to give a hint but Louis looked at me then smiled. Poor Harry.
"Louis, go." Harry said he was getting pissed off.
"Its alright Harry you can go, Im getting extremely tired anyways." Layna said while giggling. He sighed and kissed her forhead. 
"Alright, goodnight love." He said to her. My turn now;
"AWEE HOW SWEET." I said and laughed he narrowed his eyes at me. I loved picking on him. 
Zayn was still next to me. I looked up at him. He then started to get up. He kissed me on the forehead. "Goodnight, I'll be back later if I get cold. So stay up and wait." He whispered so no one could here then winked. I laughed then nodded. I just hope I could make it. my eyelids were starting to feel heavy.
About 40 mins later Im guessing he came down and cuddled with me. This night he only had his boxers. I loved laying my head on his very muscular chest and his chest was so warm. 
"Liar." I said closing my eyes, I just heard him chuckle while he absent mindly played with my hair and soon enough I was asleep.

A/N;This is short...i didnt know where else to end it! But I still hope you guys likee it!(: 

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