Stole My Heart...One Step At A Time.

Nicole Stevens, an ordinary girl, shes had a horrible past, with boys, her mother dying, also a sister she never got to meet. But will a boy from a famous boy band change it all? Will he help her to stop hurting herself? Or will it just cause more pain? Will she even give him a chance? Or maybe will she get her dream come true? Even a career ahead of her life? Read more to find out!(:


13. Going back in the past.

Layna's P.O.V
Why couldnt Nikki just leave me alone? It was my date not hers. All we did was talk to get to know each other more...maybe a little kissing but she doesnt need to know that! It was my life. I just stormed up stairs with Harry. Louis went into Nialls room. 
"Shes just worrying about you thats all." Harry said laying down I rolled my eyes.
"Its my life. Not hers."
"You were just fine with here earlier. Why you all upset now?"
"Because she was acting like my mom."
"It is 4am I would be worried too." I sighed and just layed down andwas out  like a light. 

Zayns P.O.V
 I was gonna ask her. Why didnt I just say it? I think she likes me. I can tell. But I need to hear her sing. Just  to make sure she can come on tour. I hope she can. If she cant come on tour, I wouldnt know what to do. Im falling hard. I never would have expected to fall this hard for her. Shes amazing. Everything a guy could ask for. I mean I know Ive only known her for a week, but Ive spent every night with her so its different. Its not like Ive seen her for an hour everyother day. Its different with her. Shes everything. I worry about her. I want her to tell the boys about her wrists. She hates it when I say something about it. But it kills me of how much shes been through, I swore to myself I would never do that to her. Shes fragile, I know now to be careful with her. Today Im going to get her to sing and I pray she can come.
"Hey, do you guys wanna have a bonfire tonight?" She came in from the kitchen asking all of us. It was all ready 5 the next day. Liams been quiet all day and Layna is giving Nicole attitude. Which in my opinion is very immature. Nicole is taking it rather well though, as I know. All I know is that she wont sit still. We all nodded to her then she walked back in the kitchen. I got up to walk in there.
"Hey, what are you doing in here?" I asked looking at her eating a sandwhich at the table while on her laptop.
"On my laptop, why whats up?" She asked looking at me with oncern, I chuckled.
"Nothing but you arent in there with everyone else." I said looking at her, sitting down next to her. She looked at me for a sec like she was thinking of what to say. All she did was shrug. Then tried changing the subject
"I guess none of us really got dressed today huh?" She said flashing a smile. She was just in a long sweater. It went right above her knees, it was a beige color. Also heer hair was up in a bun, with no makeup. She looked beautiful.  I was just in a t-shirt and grey sweats. I nodded.
"I guess so. Wanna go outside and do that bonfire now? Its getting a little bit darker." I said grabbing her hand. She nodded then closed her laptop. 
"Yeah, I'll go get everyone." She said then walked out, I walked outside to go start the fire.

Nikki's P.O.V
 I walked in the living room "Hey guys, Zayns starting the fire want to go out there?" I asked smiling.  Everyone nodded and got up to go in the kitchen except Lou. Oh god what now? Liam is upset, Laynas mad at me. I just want everyone to be happy. This is all bringing me down. I walked over to Lou sitting in the big chair, I sat on the arm of it. He looked up at me with a cheeky smile.
"What?" I said then pulled me long sweater down since all I had was underwear on under this and he was looking mischevious. 
"You look hot." 
"Sorry, just saying. But I wanted to talk to you."
"You and Zayn." He said then giving me a grin. I blushed then looked down twiddling with my fingers.
"What about me and Zayn?"  
"Come on! There is definitely something going on between you two. You have slept next to eachother cuddling everynight, been on what, two dates? Are you guys dating or what?!" 
"Well, he hasnt officially asked." I said looking down. I wish he would ask.
"Probably because of the tour situation, love. He really does like you."
"What if Im just someone he can play around with while hes here?" I asked almost whispering. 
"Nikki, Zayn isnt like that, at all. Hes a total gentleman. If he did it would completley shock all of his." I swallowed, what if he was doing this? I just shrugged it off then got up to go outside and act like everything was cool. 
"Nikki, he isnt doing this, he really likes you." Louis said grabbing my hand, I hugged him.
"Thanks, Lou." I said smiling. I walked outside with Louis. I walked next to Zayn.  
"Hey, Nicole, you know you still have to sing right?" Zayn said and looked at me. Oh god, butterflies hit my stomache, I didnt really want to sing infront of everyone. I thought it would be just with Zayn.
"I really dont want to sing in front of everyone."  I said nervously. 
"Aw, come on!" Niall said to me. Well whats the worse that could happen? 
"Fine, but sing with me?" I asked Zayn. He nodded. 
"What song?" He asked. 
"How about Beautiful Poeple, by Cher Lloyd?" I said,
"Cher Bear!" Niall said happily, well he will like the song. Zayn nodded then I started singing the first verse, we both sang the chorus, he sang the second verse then we both sang the rest of the choruses. We sounded great together I thought! Once we were done I looked around and everyone was silent.
"OH MY GOD NICOLE YOU WERE AMAZING!" Harry exclaimed. I blushed I didnt think I was amazing.
"Encore encore!" Niall said which made me laugh. I was not doing an encore I was nervous enough. Then Zayn wrapped his arm around me and kissed me on the forehead.  
"That was amazing, I think Im going to have to call mangement, you could come on tour with us and we can be be together! I mean all of us." He said looking down at me.  I smiled. 
"Zayn, I couldnt I dont write songs or anything. Im horrible at it, Ive tried." I said shaking my head,
" You could do covers, as our opening act! Come on it will be fun with me and the lads." He said. I thought about it, what else would I be doing? I really dont want to work at the campground anymore. But what about Dad? Ive talked to him and he said that I could stay an extra week home. I hope hes okay with going on tour. Should I do it? I could be with Zayn. But then what if he is using me? Well, he wants me to go so I dont think so. 
"Fine, I'll go." I said looking at him. He gave me a bone-crushing hug. I laughed.
"Cant. Breathe." I said trying to get air, he let go.
"Sorry." He said blushing. I laughed. Then I got tackled by all of them, except Layna. Of course. Shes been avoiding me all day. Is it so bad to care? Shes my younger cousin. Is it too bad to care? Anyone else would if they came inside the house at 4 in the morning. 
"Alright guys, enough hugging!" They all got off of me. Then my phone went off, I had got a message from one of my best friends, Braxton. 
'Hey! Wanna hang out at the Beach this Friday with me and De'Asha? We want to meet the boys too y'know!(:' 
" you guys want to go to the Beach with me and a couple of home friends this Friday?" I asked them.
"Yeah! I wanna meet some of ya old school friends." Niall said. I looked at Layna and she was just looking at her phone. 
"Well Im guessing thats a no for you?" I said to her and she looked up at me. She just shrugged, now I was getting angry. 
"Why are you giving me attitude?!" 
"Because you were treating me like a child last night!" She yelled at me. No, now I was mad,
"Because I just wanted to know where you were! You are my little cousin! I look out after you! And when I stop, you will regret it." I snapped back, which I think setted her off. 
"Im not a 5 year old! I can look out after myself! I was with Harry! What do you not trust him or something?"
"I do trust him! But something could have happened to both of you!"
"You are acting like you are my mom! You know just because you dont have one, doesnt mean you can start acting like one!" She screamed back. I sat there, thats when tears started to rim my eyes. I ran out and up stairs to my bedroom. I went to desk and opened to draw to pull out a razor. I used it to start cutting my wrists. Just one,one slit. Iput it away and went to my bed crying. I heard a knock on my door. 
"Go away!" I yelled then I seen my door open. It was Zayn. I hurried and over my wrist. Shit! Hes going to be pissed. 
"You know this isnt opposite day." I said, being a smart ass. He just came to me and sat next to me. 
"Its going to be okay, promise. She didnt mean it." He whispered.
"Yes she did! She wouldnt have said it." He was silent. 
"Well shes getting the silent treatment from everyone, we all knew it was wrong."
"Even Harry?" 
"Well, they are talking but hes on your side. All of us know how you are with your mom and-" He stopped dead in his sentence he grabbed my wrist and pulled up my sleeve.
"Nicole why did you just do this?!" He said, loudly for me to look up at him. 
"Because its something I do when I get stressed! I cant help it!" I yelled back. He sighed. 
"Im sorry, I just hate that. You shouldnt hurt yourself. Another reason why I want you to come with us. So I make sure nothing bad happens and you resort to this." He said almost whispering. I took a deep breath and hugged him. I didnt say anything, I didnt really know what to say. Then another knock came from my door and I rolled my eyes.
"Who now?" I said. Zayn just chuckled.

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